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While exercise is an important part of weight loss, one aspect that many people overlook that is equally important is monitoring your diet. After all, burning all those calories through exercise is for naught if you quickly replace them with the food you eat. While the idea of dieting often leaves a sour taste in people’s mouths, the ketogenic diet still lets you eat many of the foods you enjoy. Here’s what to know about the keto diet to plan out a healthier lifestyle.

The Basics of Keto

The keto diet focuses on keeping very low on carbohydrates and replacing them with fats. Now, this sounds counter-intuitive for the goal of losing fat, but the purpose is to make your body burn fat to generate energy as a substitute for carbs. As such, this diet happens to use the same foods necessary for building muscle, such as meat, Greek yogurt, and seafood.

The Types of Keto

While there are multiple variations of the keto diet, the best two for the average person is the standard Keto diet that is high in fats or the high-protein Keto diet if you would prefer more balance between fats and proteins. Variations, such as the cyclical or targeted Keto diets, are typically more geared towards bodybuilders and athletes, having periods of increased carb intake, meaning that it’s not as effective for weight loss.


When you substitute fats in for carbs, your body’s metabolism shifts into a state called “ketosis,” which is what causes the efficient burning of fat. Typically, your body burns glucose, better known as sugar, to create energy. Take note, then, that if you have diabetes, ketosis will cause you to have a lower amount of blood sugar and insulin.

Exercising With Keto

Now that you have an idea of what to know about the keto diet, you can take the next step toward building a healthy lifestyle. Exercise alongside dieting is common practice, and the best exercises to pair with a keto diet are yoga or cardio. If you desire a way to exercise at home, brands such as Octane fitness equipment can provide you with machinery that will allow you to continue your cardio routines throughout the winter months.

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