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When it comes to an effective yet supportive workout, recumbent bikes are number one. They are a great piece of kit for any home gym and allow you to exercise while seated in a supportive, reclining position. At Top Fitness we have a variety of recumbent bikes that are ergonomically designed to help support your back that are manufactured from the best in the industry.

Recline Exercise Bikes 

Recumbent bicycles might look a little strange if you’ve never seen one before, but they’re not too dissimilar from other indoor exercise bikes. Most notably, recline exercise bikes have a “full seat,” so if you’re someone who would prefer a little less pressure on your nether regions, these machines can be an excellent alternative. Just like other indoor bikes, recline exercise bikes are easy on your knees and ankles and many prefer them instead of going out for a run.

If you have any questions about our recline exercise bikes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, so we can answer them!