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True Fitness


The cornerstone of TRUE. They’ve been developing the best treadmills for home use since 1981, and continue to evolve their designs and technology to provide the best possible user experience. Comfortable, reliable, and easy-to-use, a TRUE treadmill will outlast even your most demanding workouts.

True Fitness Treadmills

Staying active is easier when you enjoy movement every day. Make getting to the gym simple when you put exercise equipment in your home. At Top Fitness Store, we sell a variety of True Fitness treadmills that look excellent in any room. Transform your space into an efficient workout space with True gym equipment. We carry a variety of styles to suit your needs. Browse options with screens, handlebars, and extreme inclines. Our True treadmills let you enjoy the running experience you like best. Regardless of the weather, you can continue your fitness routine and achieve your goals with True Fitness treadmills.