Experience an interactive cardio workout with the Freemotion treadmill collection at Top Fitness. With thousands of trainer-leg exercises, you’ll find the support and encouragement you need to power through your cardio workouts and beat your personal bests time after time.

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Designed with an immersive touchscreen and industry-leading deck cushioning, you’ll be able to support your joints while pushing your muscles to new levels. Across the Freemotion treadmill range available, you’ll find both regular treadmill models and incline trainers for those who really want to challenge themselves. With a treadmill for every preference, Freemotion treadmills are perfect for all skill levels and environments, from a home gym or a busy commercial gym.

Freemotion has been redefining what it means to workout for over 40 years. All of their ellipticals and bike machines work to take the monotonous feeling out of exercising and instead use it to create more adventure in their users lives. Their equipment is made to change your mood, mind and fitness level through your own individual journey or within the support of a larger group.

To find the perfect Freemotion treadmill for sale from Top Fitness, talk to a member of our team to find the right match for your fitness goals. To browse our wider range of Freemotion equipment, including ellipticals and bikes.

freemotion treadmill FAQs

Are Freemotion machines good?

Freemotion treadmills and machines are designed and built with innovation at their core. With the addition of thoughtful details in all their machines, users can experience a comfortable and enjoyable experience that brings the fun back into exercising. As a result, they are often trusted as one of the leading fitness manufacturers due to their impressive designs.

How much does a Freemotion treadmill weigh?

A Freemotion treadmill weighs 579 pounds and requires a space of 82.5 x 35.5 inches to set up and can support weights of up to 300 pounds.

How long will delivery take?

When you shop online, most orders should be shipped within 24-48 hours, aside from weekends and public holidays. Head to our shipping policy for more information.

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