Indoor bikes have the look and feel of outdoor cycling bikes, and are typically the first choice indoor exercise for the experienced cyclist! If you're looking to substitute your current exercise program of cycling or mountain biking outdoors with a top class indoor exercise, at Top Fitness we recommend the Indoor Bike fitness category. This alternative will provide a similar riding posture and leg workout.

Indoor Exercise Bicycles

As a staple in gyms and home gyms everywhere, indoor exercise bikes are a truly classic way to exercise without the risk associated with bike riding in the street or on rugged terrains. Each time you use one, you can get a truly customized workout that meets your personal health needs, whether that’s an hour-long session at high intensity or a quick ride during lunch! Regardless of how you use them, indoor exercise bikes are a fun way to stay in shape that’s low impact and easy on your joints.

If you have any questions regarding our exercise bikes, please feel free to reach out to us!

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