October 30, 2020 2 min read

Home gym equipment is not cheap, but it’s worth the investment since it can last a long time if you care for it correctly. The equipment we use is a lot like our bodies, and when something doesn’t feel or look right, you should investigate. Find out when to replace your fitness equipment before it’s too late.

It Becomes Unsafe To Use

The easiest way to tell when you need to replace your fitness equipment is if you feel it’s unsafe to use. For instance, a piece in a squat rack or bench press might be loose, and that might not allow you to rerack properly, which can be extremely dangerous. You might also be dealing with worn down cables that don’t allow you to go through the movement properly either. There are plenty of safety features in fitness equipment that can keep you safe, but the moment you feel that you aren’t, it’s likely time to invest in a new piece of equipment.

Worn Down Treadmill Belt

Something many treadmill owners don’t realize is that this piece of equipment does require maintenance, in large part because of the belt. Some common treadmill issues include areas wearing down, edges fraying, a stretched-out belt, and belt buckling. The good news is that you usually just have to replace the belt instead of the entire treadmill. However, regular inspections and lubricating the belt every now and then are still the key to keeping your treadmill in good condition.

Damaged Floor

An essential element of any home gym is the flooring since it protects the ground from any damages caused by the equipment. If you notice cracks, don’t wait to replace the flooring, as you could end up tripping and hurting yourself when you are carrying free weights.

Loose Rubber on Dumbbells

Speaking of free weights, a common issue that people deal with is loose rubber on a dumbbell. This tends to happen as a result of people slamming weights down on the ground after use. When your dumbbells don’t have a rubber casing, you run a greater risk of hurting yourself and the gym floor, so get yourself a new home dumbbell set.

Torn Up Upholstery

Though weight benches are made of durable material, the upholstery can still tear overtime. Because weight benches are so versatile, they can take a lot of abuse. If you notice that the upholstery is starting to deteriorate, it might be time to replace your weight bench.

Knowing when to replace your fitness equipment can keep your home gym in good shape and will ensure that you or anyone else who uses the items doesn't run into any safety issues. Precor Home Fitness is ready to help whenever you need to replace the exercise equipment in your home gym.

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