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Octane Fitness


What's healthier than low-impact cardio training? Zero-impact cardio training! Octane Fitness is the world’s only fitness equipment manufacturer that produces exclusively zero-impact cardio trainers. With an Octane elliptical you can walk, climb and even run without stressing your joints. These award-winning fitness machines are built to commercial standards in the USA. They arrive with helpful total body training programs and can wirelessly connect to SmartLink to deliver customized fitness plans, video workouts and exercise data tracking.

Octane Elliptical Machines

For a better way to exercise that will reduce the risk of harming your knees, ankles, or other joints and ligaments that may be sensitive to impact while training, Octane elliptical machines offer some of the highest quality ellipticals available today. The entire philosophy behind Octane’s product lines is to create zero-impact exercise equipment, which brings inclusivity to cardio training. Whether you are 19 or 90, Octane ellipticals will give you a great, low-impact way to stay in shape!

If you have any questions about our Octane elliptical machines or would like to know more about where you can purchase equipment from us, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.