April 01, 2020 2 min read

Due to COVOID-19, your local gym has likely closed for the foreseeable future. Instead of hunkering down and losing all your hard work by eating all your quarantine snacks, find new ways to be physically active at home. Here are some ideas on how you can stay physically active at home! 

Invest in Cardio and Strength Equipment 

Did you know that you can get all the gym equipment that is at your local gym for your home? Well, at Top Fitness Store, you can. After all, it’s important that you remain healthy while you are in self-quarantine. Invest in cardio machines or strength training equipment for home

Try Calisthenics 

There are some other strength-building exercises that you can do at home that don’t require any equipment. Calisthenics exercises like jump squats, dips, and pushups can be just as difficult as your standard weightlifting workout. Consider adding calisthenic workouts to your home workout routine.  

Do Some Yoga 

Working out at home might leave you limited with what you can do, but it can also open you up to other new exercises, such as yoga. There are many benefits that come with practicing yoga, and you can find various sessions for free online. Just find some space in your home, set up a video, and push your body to places you never thought it could go.  

Get Creative 

When you are stuck at home, it’s also not a bad idea to get creative with how you can stay active. After all, there are so many fun and innovative ways to get your blood pumping at home. Play some sports in the backyard or basement, take advantage of your stairs, or look up some workout videos online. There are so many ways to be physically active at home; you may even cancel your gym membership when this is all said and done. 

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