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Obtaining a six-pack is often perceived as the pinnacle of what people can achieve in fitness. While abs are made in the kitchen with a healthy diet, you still need to work them out like any other body part to see the desired results. The good news about core exercises is that you can do them at home. A lot of core exercises can be completed with nothing but a yoga mat and can be easily worked into your regular exercise routine. If you want to look your best once this quarantine is over, learn the different ways you can strengthen your core and give each of them a try.  


A quintessential exercise that will strengthen your core is a plank. If you are unaware, planks require you to get in a push-up position; however, you will remain in an upwards position with your forearm and your toes holding yourself together. To strengthen your core, remain in that position for as long as you can. If you need to make it more difficult, you can add weight on your back, too. There are also different variations of the plank, such as: 

  • Side planks
  • Reach planks
  • Plank-ups
  • And so many more

Hanging Leg Raises 

For this core workout, we recommend that you utilize a strength station for hanging leg raises. While you can use the pull-up bar to perform this exercise, it can be difficult to remain still in the process. Instead, use the back and arm support on the strength station so you don’t have to rely on your grip strength. Once you get this position, let your legs rise in front of you and hold them for two seconds to truly work your core. Another variation of this that you can try is doing it on the side as well. Angling it slightly and holding it for three seconds can help with your obliques, which is the area on the side of your abs.  


Another quintessential ab workout is a sit-up, but many people tend to use poor form when doing this exercise. Make sure that your butt is on the ground as you do sit-ups and hold your hands behind your head. To make it all the way through a sit-up, you will need to reach your knees for one rep. Challenge your core by doing as many as you can.  


Crunches are yet another common workout that many people associate with working your abs. It’s also one that you can easily perform in the wrong way. As you lie on your back and move upwards, you don’t need to go high up. When you are up, hold it in his position for a few seconds, then go back down. You will start to feel the burn in your core if you do this properly. You can also do a reverse crunch, which requires you to place your hands on the floor, lift your legs, and bend them. Then you will want to go backwards slightly and lift your but off the ground while keeping your back firmly planted. Crunches are an exercise you can also do on a machine; some machines are even specifically made for crunches.  

Russian Twists 

Russian twists are also great for strengthening your core. Lay on the floor in a sit-up position, then move your arms side to side. To make Russian twists more challenging, add a kettlebell and move that side to side in the same motion.  

Roll Outs 

For this ab exercise, you will either need an ab rollout accessory or a barbell with weights on it. In addition, you can get creative and use a towel if you are on a hardwood floor. What you will then want to do is remain on your knees and then go in and out with whatever piece of equipment you are using. To make this exercise easier on your knees, either use a yoga mat or a towel to place underneath them.  


The next exercise that you can do for your core is a toe-touch. Lay flat on your back, then lift your knees straight up. Then, you will want to reach your toes with your fingertips to perform the exercise. When you are doing toe-touches, make sure you aren’t bending your legs in the process.  


The “Superman” exercise requires you to get into the iconic flying position that the Man of Steel is known for. Since you can’t fly, what you will do is lie on the ground while lifting your legs and arms up. Like when you’re doing a plank, you will want to hold your body in this position for as long as possible.  


There are many different types of exercises that are great for your core that you may not even know about. Yoga has many benefits like being a great stress reliever and allowing people to become more flexible, but the movements in yoga are also great for your core. So, consider adding yoga to your regular exercise routine by watching lessons online or attending a class once it’s safe enough to be out in public and take classes again.  


Squats should be a part of everyone’s workout routine because of how vital they are to strengthening your lower body. However, squats have even more benefits beyond building strength in your legs. Squats also work your core, and your rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, and erector spinae.  


The final exercise you can do to strengthen your core is some form of cardio exercise. This is in large part because cardio is one way you can lose body fat percentage, which will start to make your abs more visible. 

At the Top Fitness Store, we have all the equipment you need to try these different ways to strengthen your core as you are stuck in quarantine. In fact, now is the perfect time to build out your home gym with a TRM 631 treadmill to get that cardio in, a yoga mat for various movements, weights to build your muscles, and so much more.  

Different Ways You Can Strengthen Your Core

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