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When it comes to working out, many people opt to join a local gym. However, they don’t necessarily consider the pros and cons before signing up. Many of us are under the impression that we will be able to work out with no issues. But it’s important you are aware of some of the things that may prevent you from achieving your fitness goals. Here are some of the worst distractions and annoyances and the gym.



The first issue people have when going to their local gym is dealing with other members’ quirks. A common complaint is grunting loudly. In fact, so many people do it that some gyms have even banned grunting. Working out requires a lot of focus, and if you have to hear someone make annoying noises, it can distract you from the exercise you are doing. While grunting can sometimes be uncontrollable, it can still take away from the hard work out you are putting in.


Many people usually bring earphones for their workout so they can listen to their own music. However, sometimes people forget them or don’t enjoy working out with earphones. This then leaves them to listen to the music played throughout the gym. While some gyms will play an array of genres, you may not enjoy every song. This is yet another distraction people face at local gyms.

Weird Exercises

Sometimes people go into the gym and don’t know what they are doing—that’s okay, we’ve all been there. However, it can be hard to get through your workout when those around you are acting out of the norm. For example, someone who chooses to practice weird aerobics that may even be funny to you can be quite a distraction.

Selfie Takers

Today, many people go to the gym to collect proof that they uphold a certain lifestyle. As such, you’ll likely run into the avid social media user who wants to show off to others that they are hitting the gym. Not only is this annoying when you go to scroll through social media, but it can be a distraction while at the gym. As someone looking for the perfect picture starts taking selfies in front of the mirrors, you may forget to perform your last set.

Slamming Weights

Like grunting, another thing people do that many gyms don’t tolerate is slamming down weights. All the noise happening around you can be incredibly distracting. Not to mention, slamming down weights only worsens their condition. As such, it’s important everyone remains aware of their surroundings.



A gym is a place full of germs, which means you can easily get sick. Therefore, there are often towels, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and more available to gym members. Despite all these cleaning tools, however, many people don’t clean up after themselves. Using sweaty equipment can increase your chance of getting sick. Further, if a gym doesn’t properly maintain their locker room and showers, this can lead to unsightly ailments such as plantar warts or another type of skin infection.

The Social Butterfly

Almost every local gym has one person who tends to talk to everyone there. This person is better known as the “social butterfly.” While it’s not bad to have a conversation with someone every now and then, they can easily take away from your exercises. As such, your workout may not be as effective if someone is constantly bothering you.

Misplaced Weights

One of the biggest parts of proper gym etiquette is remembering to put your weights back where you found them once you finish using them. Unfortunately, there are times when people just leave all their weights on a barbell or they don’t put free weights where they are supposed to go. This then leaves you to hunt down around the gym for the weights or equipment you need.

Limited Equipment Availability

Local gyms are a public space, so this means you have to compete with other people during busy parts of the day. The high-traffic times are usually when people get off their day job—around 4 or 5 PM. As such, there is limited equipment availability. Due to how busy a gym can get, this may prohibit you from completing your workout because the squat rack or bench press might be full. Another annoyance might be that someone is hogging the equipment for a long period.

Broken Equipment

While you are paying for a gym membership, the equipment in it is not yours. This means you don’t have any responsibility for it. So, if there is any broken equipment, you have to rely on the gym to either repair or replace it. However, this doesn’t always happen. Another limitation at local gyms is you have to share the equipment with other people. Not everyone is respectful of their surroundings, so if another member is reckless and, for example, slams dumbbells on the floor, they could break the equipment. Therefore, when you go to use it, it throws a wrench in your workout and progress.

Stolen Items

Not every local gym has secure lockers, so another thing you must worry about is theft. Further, other people can steal an item of yours if you accidentally leave it somewhere in the gym. Try to remain aware of your belongings, and do what you can to lock them aware while you exercise.

High Fees

Another downside to your local gym is you might have to suffer from all sorts of random fees. One of the major ones is a cancellation fee, which can sometimes cost just as much as the initial signup fee. There may also be a lot of extra fees for using other features offered by the gym. Plus, gyms can unexpectedly raise prices, which is just more money out of your wallet to stay healthy.

Spatial Awareness

A gym may have limited space, which is troubling when it gets busy. There are also people who don’t have any spatial awareness and can get in the way of your workout. Not to mention, it can be very dangerous if there isn’t enough space, as it’s easy for people to run into each other or hit someone with the equipment.


There are some people out there who will try and give you tips on how the “proper” way to workout. Not only is this annoying, but they might teach you the wrong techniques. While you shouldn’t act like you know everything, the only person who should tell you how to improve your workout is either a personal trainer or a friend—not some stranger.

No Locker Room or Limited Amenities

You are often sweaty after a workout and in need of a shower. Since many local gyms are small, they might not have a locker room or showers for you to use. This makes things a bit difficult if you are on a tight schedule and need to clean up before leaving.

The worst distractions and annoyances at the gym listed above shouldn’t keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a solution to all these problems is to build a home gym of your own. Precor has all the home fitness equipment you need to maximize your potential.

Annoyances at the Gym

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