December 30, 2019 2 min read

Many people will start their weight-loss journey in the new year, but it can be tough to keep going when you don’t see the results you want. To stay on track, here are some telltale signs you’re losing weight.

You Don’t Have Unhealthy Cravings

As you lose weight, you’ll likely stop craving unhealthy foods and will instead snack on healthy ones. While this may be hard to notice at first, pay attention to what you eat on a weekly basis—you may notice your new and improved eating habits.

Your Clothes Fit Differently

The easiest way to notice that you’re losing weight is when your shirts, pants, and other apparel all start to fit differently—they’re looser! As you start to notice these changes, you may have to go out and shop for new clothes.

You Have Improved Energy

While adopting a healthy lifestyle brings many benefits, one of the best is having more energy. Working out regularly and being on a healthy diet can do just as much for you mentally as it can physically. An improved mood is another telltale sign you’re losing weight.

You Notice the Changes

Nobody is a harsher critic on your body than yourself. This means you’ll notice things about your body that other people won’t. While this can sometimes be a negative, there’s a good chance you have started to notice some physical changes if you have been trying to lose weight. Some things to look out for include a reduction in your cheeks and a decrease in belly fat.

You Are Committed to Working Out

One of the hardest things about getting fit is adopting a heathy lifestyle. This includes eating healthy and working out regularly. Committing to a regular workout routine can be difficult, and it can be easy to create excuses that push you away from exercising when you should. With that said, if you start to notice that you actually want to work out more consistently, then what you’re doing is working.

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