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Getting in shape is no easy task. But with the right set of tips and habits, anyone can mold their lifestyle to resemble a fitter and more balanced one.

And while some individuals have the resources to hire a personal trainer when they want to trim down, not everyone has that luxury. However, if you’ve ever wondered what kind of advice fitness professionals pass down to their clients, keep reading to unlock some of those secrets. Here are some top fitness tips the pros swear by.

Tip #1: Find a balance of cardio and weight training for a sculpted body

Often when people start their fitness journey, they spend the majority of their time on the treadmill. It’s safe, easy, and non-intimidating to the new gym-goer. However, performing cardio non-stop will not give you the body you’re looking for.

A trainer will tell you that building muscle is the key to creating a remarkable physique. Weight training allows you to challenge yourself often by increasing the weight, reps, or sets when working out. Your strength, muscles, and confidence will all skyrocket. Lifting heavy weights also burns fat. When your body is composed of more muscle, it works harder for you.

However if you love the thrill of cardio workouts, try implementing high-intensity interval training into your regimen.

High-intensity interval training challenges your body in the same way traditional cardio does. Your heart rate will remain elevated throughout the duration of your workout; you’ll burn fat, and vastly increase your endurance. Activities that once seemed tiring out of the gym — like running up a flight of stairs or carrying a cranky toddler will feel effortless after using this method to boost your stamina. You can even do this at home. Visit one of the sports stores in your area for a great treadmill.

Tip #2: Emphasize form over the amount of weight you’re lifting

Another top tip a trainer would pass onto their client is this.

Don’t lift more weight than you can handle.

While you should challenge yourself while at the gym, a trainer would be happy to explain that your form should matter most when performing exercises. Especially of the compound variety. Compound exercises include squats, chest press, and deadlifts.

These exercises work multiple muscles in the body. Therefore you must get your form down first to increase the effectiveness of the exercise and avoid injury.

Tip #3: Food is not the enemy

You can throw those silly diets out the window.

Personal trainers have heard it all from the tomato diet to the ridiculously insane tapeworm diet. These are all counterintuitive to your progress. Trainers believe that any restrictive or borderline starvation diet is harmful to both the mind and body. There is simply no substitute for eating multiple sources of healthy grains, fruits, and veggies.

Tip #4: There is more than one way to get your activity in for the day

Just because you skipped a day from the gym, does not mean you have to launch your fitness regime down the drain!

Any qualified trainer will tell you that there are many ways you can get your body moving throughout the day. If you can’t make it to the gym, try to find time to walk your dog, or go on a nice family stroll. After all, 30% of people aged 15 and over who exercise everyday claim that walking is their preferred source of exercise.

If you prefer to keep your workouts indoors, our sports stores in your area may help you find the right equipment to surpass your daily step goal.

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Did you know that you can function as your own personal trainer? You need just need to follow these tips and discover the best home fitness equipment at one of our sports stores to achieve your dream body.

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