May 17, 2021 2 min read

Listening to music while working out is a very common practice amongst many gym-goers, but did you know it does more than just serve as enjoyable background noise? If you don’t already have a playlist ready for working out, consider these reasons why you should incorporate music into your workouts.

Relieves Boredom

Let’s be honest. Exercise can be boring at times. Your routine might become monotonous, and your mind may begin to wander as you think about doing anything else. By including music into your workouts, you’ll give your mind something more enjoyable to focus on as your body goes through the movements of exercise, though.

Psychological Effects

More than just distracting your mind from boredom, music can be a great motivational coach. Listening to the music you enjoy can have a positive effect on your mood. In turn, the music will eliminate the displeasure you feel from exercising. With music, your mind will instead associate positive feelings with the physical activity of your workout. This will encourage you to stick with your plan and make you actually want to exercise rather than feeling obligated to do so. The mood-elevating effects of music are among the primary reasons why you should incorporate music into your workouts.

Boosting Performance

When you’re using an exercise device, such as a treadmill or a lateral elliptical machine, a good way to ensure you’re performing at your best and challenging your limits is to listen to fast-paced music. By using songs with higher tempos and beats-per-minute, you’ll find yourself trying to physically synch up with that music and encouraging yourself to increase your own pace and continue moving for longer durations. High-energy, intense music will also improve your motivation and energize you since you’ll feel like you have your own soundtrack to accompany you. It’ll increase the stakes of your exercise to something more exciting than the mundane jog or movement it might otherwise be.

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