May 18, 2020 2 min read

With so much free time, now is the time to help your loved ones get in shape. To help someone with their health and fitness goals, this means that you might need to become their personal trainer. Here's how to motivate friends and family to get healthy.  

Exercise With Them 

A great way to motivate others is by exercising with them. It can be extremely difficult to get in shape when you are doing it on your own. However, having someone who can push you through workouts and hold you accountable can really help. It can also make them feel safe, which is a fear some have trouble overcoming when they start working out.  

Meal Prep 

Perhaps the most important part of adopting a healthy lifestyle is changing your diet. You can make it easier for your friends and family by going grocery shopping and cooking meals together. Guiding them through what they should be putting into their bodies and prepping for the week will push them towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Do Weigh-Ins 

A stressful part of getting healthy is doing weigh-ins. For one, you should understand that your weight will change throughout the day. Encourage your friend or family member to weigh-in at the same time every day. Also, be there for them when they might get discouraged if they are up a pound—that is bound to happen, and it’s no reason to feel ashamed.  

Celebrate Progress 

You also want to be there to celebrate their success. Establish reasonable goals for them, whether it’s a target weight or a new personal record. You should also reward this success by enjoying a cheat meal together, which can lift morale.  

Try New Challenges Together 

Trying new fitness challenges together is another way to motivate friends and family to get healthy. New challenges can include participating in a charity run, engaging in a lifting competition, or trying yoga. A healthy lifestyle can be fun when you have something to look forward to.  

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