May 19, 2020 1 min read

There are a lot of options to choose from when hunting down exercise equipment for your home gym. A common mistake people make when it comes to buying exercise equipment is accidentally getting equipment meant for commercial use. As you search, here are the main differences between commercial and home fitness equipment that you should keep in mind.  

Commercial Fitness Equipment 

Commercial fitness equipment is what you will typically find at a local gym. Commercial fitness equipment will be more durable because it’s meant to undergo plenty of use with people at the gym all day, every day. Commercial fitness equipment is also designed for long durations of use. Since commercial fitness equipment can be expensive, many local gyms will opt for used equipment for a lower price.  

Home Fitness Equipment 

When you buy home fitness equipment, it will be brand-new at a price that will not cost as much as commercial fitness equipment. Plus, you can get home fitness equipment with multiple uses. For example, you can get a Smith machine that can do bench presses, squats, pulldowns, and more. This makes up for the limited space you might have in your home gym. Home fitness equipment is also easier to use and maintain; after all, it’s meant for residential use.  

Major Differences 

There are a few differences between commercial and home fitness equipment to note. The main takeaway is that, if you are building a home gym, there’s no need to seek out commercial fitness equipment. Not only is it more expensive, but it can limit what kinds of workouts you can do at home.  

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