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A home gym is like any other room in your home; it can start neatly organized and clean, but it can fall into a state of disarray after a while. Don’t worry, though. This happens to many of us. You should note that it’s hard to exercise when you have a cluttered home gym, though. After all, you want to focus on your exercise movements, not how organized your equipment is.

Learn how to maintain your workout space better by reading our guide, where we’ll show you how to make your home gym less cluttered. We’ll cover the questions you should ask yourself and the type of equipment that can help you get your home gym more organized than ever before!

Assess Your Home Gym and Equipment

Before you can start to organize your home gym, you’ll have to make an honest assessment of it and the state of its equipment. Before you can take any steps to get it organized and decluttered, you’ll have to find out what’s essential in your gym, what you can get rid of, and what’s a luxury you can still keep.

Take an inventory of your equipment. Consider how long you’ve had it, how often you use it, and the quality of it. Maybe those kettlebells seemed useful at first, and you thought you’d work out with them all the time, but now you prefer other exercises that target the same muscles and use other equipment. You want to consolidate everything in your home gym until you only have what you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Is this equipment critical to my fitness? Do I use this enough to justify it taking up space? Could I get other equipment that takes up less space and accomplishes the same task? These are the questions you should ask yourself as you inventory your home gym.

Does Your Gym Reflect Your Goals?

As you consider your home gym and equipment, look inward and think of your personal fitness goals. Are you trying to put on muscle, slim down, or improve your cardio? Will your home gym’s current equipment help you achieve those goals? Or, have your goals changed since you set up your home gym?

If you’re changing your fitness routine, your equipment should reflect that. Now could be the time to swap out some of your gear for something new. We’ve all made impulse purchases that we don’t end up using that much, and if you have some equipment you bought on a whim that you don’t need, now’s the time to sell it or get rid of it. If it’s not essential to your fitness goals, then move it on.

Using Flexible and Portable Equipment

If you’re lacking space, then think about whether there’s any equipment you can swap out for something that’s not as big or easy to store. Maybe, instead of dumbbells, you can go with resistance bands that take up less space and are more portable.

If you have a treadmill, then it probably eats up a good chunk of space in your gym. Maybe it’s time to go natural and start running outside to give yourself some more elbow room in your gym. Or, you can swap out your regular treadmill for a foldable one or a foldable exercise bike. That way, you can store the machine off to the side when you’re not using it.

Adjusting Your Gym’s Layout

Try to look at your gym with fresh eyes again. Is the layout you have the most effective arrangement of your space? Think of what you use the most and what you only occasionally use. The essential equipment should be front and center and easy to access, while the rest of your stuff can remain stored deeper or tucked away.

Are there other exercises you could do if you adjusted the layout to give yourself some more space? Do you find yourself tripping over some gear to access others? Remember to keep the center of your gym open and bare so that you can move around freely without having to worry about falling over things.

Storing Your Equipment

Proper storage is key to making your home gym less cluttered and more functional. If you have equipment just lying around on the floor of your gym or piled on top of one another in a corner, it’s time to get it organized and stored. At Top Fitness Store, we have all kinds of free weight storage racks that will help you store your equipment more efficiently.

If you have a yoga mat or foam rollers in your gym, something as simple as a large basket will easily hold your yoga gear out of the way of the rest of your gym but still make it accessible.

Vertical Storage

One of the best ways to store your gym equipment is to go vertical rather than horizontal. A vertical dumbbell rack will get all those sets of dumbbells out of the way at only a fraction of the space of a flat rack. Similarly, a bumper plate tree safely stores your weight plates together off the ground, and you can neatly tuck it away in the corner.

Do you have an old bookshelf you’re not using? Put in your gym for some extra wall storage. Open shelving is great for gyms, as it puts the equipment out of the way, but you still know where everything is. Just make sure you properly secure that shelf if you’re going to set free weights on it!

If you use resistance bands or jump ropes, then you should get some well-placed hooks. These will be perfect for hanging gear on your wall.

Multifunctional Storage

You can also find other multifunctional storage options for your equipment. For instance, there are many workout benches with storage underneath or within them that let you store equipment out of sight but still within reach.

You can even find tiered portable carts that allow you to store your equipment and move it around your gym. These are convenient for storage, and the wheels make transporting and moving equipment a cinch.

Your home gym should not only be where you exercise; it should be a sanctuary. You should be able to ease your mind there and only focus on the task at hand: your fitness. We’ve given you some ideas on how to make your home gym less cluttered. Now, it’s up to you to assess your gym and determine what to improve.

How To Make Your Home Gym Less Cluttered

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