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There’s so much more to working out than just lifting weights, and there are various mistakes you could be making that are holding you back from reaching your goals. More importantly, making mistakes while you work out can also result in a serious injury. Many people have their own viewpoints on how to work out smarter, but there are also some strategies that most people can agree on. Learn about some of the common workout mistakes you’re probably making, and find out how you can fix them ahead.

Not Warming up or Stretching

Everyone seems to put their focus on the workout itself, but what happens before is just as important. Before you work out, warm up and stretch to reduce the risk of injury. By going on a light jog and getting some stretching in, you can get your body ready for the hard work ahead.

Poor Recovery

Not putting any time into recovery can also result in a serious workout injury. When you work out, you break down your muscles, and it’s important you spend some time to make sure you build them back up. You can do this by drinking a protein shake, taking an ice bath, stretching, or using a recovery tool such as Hyperice. Workout recovery can go a long way toward keeping you in the gym so that you can stick to your routine.

Having No Variety in Your Routine

Working out doesn't mean doing the same exercises every time, either. When you set up a workout routine, you want to make sure there is plenty of variety throughout the week. An easy way many people set up their workouts is by devoting specific days to particular muscle groups. This way, you can give your muscles enough rest between days. Having variety in your routine will also make sure you are not neglecting any muscle groups, and trying new exercises will keep things from getting stale.

Skipping Leg Day

Speaking of neglecting certain body parts, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is skipping leg day. When people think of the gym, they usually think of bench presses and curls. But if there’s one part of your routine you shouldn’t skip, that’s doing squats on leg day. What many people don’t realize is that you need to build a good foundation in your lower body if you want to build your upper body—and leg day will do that for you. Leg days might be more grueling, but they are far more beneficial for your body, so make sure they find their way into your workout routine.

Not Doing Cardio

Another factor people tend to neglect in their workouts is cardio. There’s a common belief that doing cardio will reduce muscle, but if you’re eating enough food, it can actually help. Plus, if you are looking to obtain a lean physique, fasted cardio is one of the best ways to get there. It’s important to have a complete workout routine that includes exercises to improve your cardiovascular and muscular health.

No Plan

To make sure you reach your goals, having a workout plan in place is also a must. There are many fitness apps available to help you build a workout routine that includes all your muscle groups and will help you get the results you are striving for. If you don't have a plan, it will be much harder to get an effective and consistent workout.

Lifting Too Much Weight

Many who are looking to build muscle and get bigger make the mistake of putting their focus on how much weight they are lifting. While you should always push yourself, it’s just as important to focus on your form. Perfecting your form and adding more weight over time will get you to where you want to be because you’ll be truly targeting the muscle you are trying to grow when you do the movement right. Lifting too much weight at the start can also result in a serious injury, so take your time to get comfortable with any exercise you are doing for maximum results.

Taking Long Breaks

There are many distractions that can pop up in the gym, especially when you have your phone on you. This leads to another common workout mistake you’re probably making—taking too many breaks during your workout. As you work out, you want to try and keep your heart rate up as much as possible. Try to avoid a break longer than 90 seconds when you are between sets during your workout.

Poor Diet

A major misconception about working out is that it can make up for a poor diet. This is far from the case. In fact, your diet will have a far bigger impact on your goals than exercise, but you will still want to do both. A well-balanced, healthy diet will also make your workouts far more enjoyable, which is why you should be conscious about what you are putting into your body.

Not Wiping Down Equipment

Even when you have a gym of your own at home, it’s still vital that you take the time to wipe down equipment before and after use. Taking this step will help prevent the spread of germs and keep the equipment in peak condition, so having disposable disinfectant wipes readily accessible in your home gym is a must.

Wearing the Wrong Clothes

What you wear during your workout can have a much bigger impact than you might realize. The main reason you should invest in some quality workout clothes is to reduce the excess sweat that soaks into them, which can lead to mold if you throw them in a laundry basket afterward. Clothes designed for workouts can also help with your movements and make you feel more comfortable as you get your exercise.

Not Getting Equipment From Precor Home Fitness

The final mistake you might be making is not working out at home and getting equipment from Precor Home Fitness. There are some incredible benefits to working out at home that you are missing out on, but if you want to get started, the first thing you should do is browse the selection from Precor Home Fitness. You can find treadmills, strength machines, home dumbbell sets, and a ton of other quality fitness equipment that can be delivered right to your home.

Workout Mistakes

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