5 Signs It's Time to Quit the Gym (and Work Out From Home!)

February 23, 2019 2 min read

Initially, joining the gym felt like the healthiest, smartest move you'd made all year. Maybe you went faithfully five times a week and it felt great! But after a couple of months, you began to slip. And now? You're experiencing a bad case of buyer's remorse. Monthly fees are steep and you don't enjoy the co-exercising environment as much as you thought you would. Is it time to say goodbye to the gym and find an alternative workout venue? Here are five signs the answer is yes.

You have to bribe yourself to go

Your gym has a smoothie bar and you've got a signature go-to drink. The servers know you by name; they know your order. You love that smoothie, but you hate that gym. If the promise of a sugary sweet treat is the only reason you're able to get yourself to the fitness center, it's time to cut ties. You're not spending an arm and a leg on monthly membership fees just to pay another $8 a day for a smoothie you can make at home.

You have to wait your turn for exercise equipment

It seems like no matter what time of day you get to the gym, it's packed beyond capacity. And if your only available exercise time is right after work, forget it; you'll be waiting 40 minutes for a machine. Is this really the best use of your time? And do you really want to be in such close proximity to all those sweaty bodies?

The gym equipment has seen better days

With all those people coming and going all day long, it's likely your gym's equipment has undergone some serious wear and tear. There's nothing fun -- or safe -- about working out on a malfunctioning machine.

You pay more every year

Is your gym hiking up membership fees year after year? This is a pretty common practice, but it doesn't feel fair. The great thing about having your own home gym is that once it's paid for, you'll be free of money-draining fees. You can also visit a home fitness store and pick out your own equipment. This way, you'll only pay for the things you actually use. There are essentially two types of exercise equipment: cardio equipment and strength equipment. Prefer running over lifting? Pick up a treadmill and leave the barbells at the store.

You spend more time in the car than on the treadmill

You're driving 30 minutes to the gym and 30 minutes home just to use the elliptical for 45 minutes total. That doesn't seem right. The 21st century is all about efficiency and convenience, and few things are more convenient than getting in a workout in your own home. If you're driving for longer than you're exercising, you'd be better off saving gas and investing in a home gym.

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