January 19, 2021 2 min read

Not many people think to keep a journal of their journey as they work out and make progress toward a healthier lifestyle. These journals are often thought of as superfluous, and many people don’t believe they add anything to your workout because, rather than moving, you’re being sedentary as you write. However, this is untrue. While it might not be actual exercise, there are plenty of reasons why you should keep a workout journal to improve your workout.

Assesses Your Performance

Thanks to the electronic recordings of machines such as the Precor spinner rally, it’s easier than ever to log an accurate record of your progress down to the most minute detail. By keeping track of how well you perform and the progress you’ve made, you’ll be able to look back and examine what factors had you operating at your very best. You may also identify exercises that you struggle with or which held you down on a particular day. As you notice yourself improving, you’ll be able to quickly identify a need for changes in your routine that will provide a greater challenge. Planning your exercise is important, but it’s just as important to know when you need to change certain aspects of your routine to ensure it stays perfectly tailored to your needs.

Encourages Motivation

A great reason why you should keep a workout journal boils down to how motivational seeing all your progress can be. One of the most common reasons people give up on their exercise is that they don’t see the fruits of their labor paying off, but improvements and progress come in increments. You won’t see a sudden, big change. Progress happens more gradually, like how you never notice your hair getting longer. With a journal, you can keep track of all your incremental progress and visually see the improvements you’ve made, including how much weight you’ve lost, the muscle you’ve gained, and how your stamina has increased.

A Chance To Vent

If you’re having a really bad day or even a really good day, you can vent your emotional and mental state into your journal. You can talk about what’s been on your mind and identify what has been distracting you during your workouts. Get it all off your chest! By paying attention to your emotional needs, you’ll be less likely to be critical of yourself if you fall short of your goals and more likely to try again tomorrow.

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