February 16, 2021 2 min read

Because home exercise is our safest available option while the pandemic rages on, trying to find the necessary focus and motivation can be difficult when your hobbies and interests are all within reach. To help you get an effective workout while you’re stuck inside, here are some tips to overcome distractions during your workouts.

Don’t Multitask

When you’re on machines like treadmills or vertical stair climbers, just moving in place the entire time can feel monotonous. Most people put on something to watch because they have the idea that they can multitask while they climb or walk. We highly advise you not to do this, as directing your focus elsewhere takes away any attention from the progress you’re making and may result in lackluster results or even potential injury. You want to be fully aware of what’s going on with your body as you move and focus your attention on the task at hand.

Sound and Silence

One of the most common and best tips to overcome distractions during your workout is to use music. Unlike watching a show while you exercise, music can actually help you tune out the world around you so that you can focus entirely on your workout. Melodic or classical music works well because it’s best when the music is a sort of “background” noise.

If you find that music is distracting you more, try the total absence of distracting sounds. Having a moment of utter silence during activities such as yoga or walking gives you time to clear your head and focus on self-reflection. Sometimes, your head is just abuzz with thoughts and stress, and you need a moment of serene silence.

Get Outside

Many of us have spent most of the past year stuck indoors with nowhere to go. If you have a yard, take advantage of it to enjoy the outdoors, particularly once spring rolls around. You’ll be removing yourself from an environment surrounded by temptations that might entice you to ditch your routine. As a bonus, you’ll feel better as you soak in the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun.

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