October 13, 2021 3 min read

Although diet accounts for lots of fitness goals, training helps you build the body you want. Even still, people reach plateaus and stall out. You might want to lift past a certain weight, run faster than before, or do more repetitions than usual when you hit a plateau, though. Check out some of these best gym accessories everyone must own to surpass stagnation and conquer your workouts.

Gym Belt

Gym belts are what every person who performs heavy weight training needs to support their back, form, and posture. Whether you’re squatting, deadlifting, or performing a free-weight movement that requires persistent back and leg strength, you should use a lifting belt. Some of the most common gym injuries occur in the lower back. A weightlifting belt secures your position and supports your lumbar, thereby reducing the risk for injury. There are many weightlifting belts available. But a two-prong leather belt is sufficient enough to give you support and security throughout your training session.

Wraps or Sleeves

Wraps or sleeves are another great investment. Typically, these are best suited for your knees and elbows—two joints that see constant use through free weight exercises. The difference between wraps and sleeves is minimal. However, depending on your preference, you may opt for one over the other. Wraps secure your knees or elbows before a heavy lift, like a squat or bench press. You must wrap and tighten them to keep them in place. This can be somewhat burdensome if you want to engage in the movement without extra steps.

Sleeves compress your knees and elbows like wraps but require no further work other than to put them on. Simply slip them over their respective body parts, and they’ll stay in place. Measure your knees and elbow so that you purchase the correct size. You never want sleeves to be too tight or too loose. Otherwise, they’ll restrict blood circulation or slip off during your workout.

Weight Storage Racks

Free weight storage racks are also some of the best gym accessories everyone must own. Part of owning a home gym means maintaining and optimizing your workout space. Whether it’s in your basement, garage, or elsewhere, you should use every possible area available. Storage racks are convenient and let you make the most of your home gym. Companies tailor them for weight plates or dumbbells, so purchase accordingly. Either option will secure your free weights in a convenient location. Both will reduce the clutter that can otherwise pose a major safety hazard.

Quality Headphones or Speakers

Finally, unless you like to work out in silence, invest in some quality headphones or speakers. Some people prefer to listen to their music privately, while others want to hear it blast throughout their gym space. Music is a great motivator for workouts. Having something up-tempo or fast spurs you to be active, lift heavier, run longer, and conquer your training session. If music isn’t your forte, put on your favorite audiobook or podcast to keep you going.

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