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Between going to the gym or going for a run outside, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to meeting your daily fitness goals. One of the best ways to get in your exercise—an option that’s quickly becoming more popular, in fact—is to ditch the expensive monthly gym membership and create your own gym at home. With a home gym, there’s no need to wait to use the machine you want or spend time driving to and from the gym. Retrofit your home gym to your standards by investing in the right equipment—here, you can learn all about the best exercise equipment for your home gym from Precor.

A Treadmill

Running is a great way to burn calories, and it is also one of the most popular ways to stay in shape. A treadmill, therefore, is a quintessential piece of equipment for your home gym. It’s great for those who want to keep up with their cardio to burn fat. A treadmill also gives you the flexibility to go for a run at any point during the day, all year round. Running on a treadmill has many other benefits compared to running outside, such as reduced joint strain, the ability to choose various workout modes, ease of storage, and so much more. A treadmill should be one of the first things you install in your home gym.

A Weight Bench

In order for you to build even more strength, including a weight bench in your home gym is critical. Getting in good shape often requires you to use free weights to challenge your muscles, and one of the best ways to do this is to utilize a weight bench. It’s ideal for incline bench pressing with dumbbells, but it can also be used for ab exercises and more. With an adjustable incline, you can work out your chest in any way you see fit.


If you get a weight bench, you’ll also need a place to store all those dumbbells, so you’ll want to get a weight rack. This not only keeps your home gym nice and organized, but also gives you an extra push to replace your weights at the end of your lift. The storage can go up against a wall to help you maximize the space in your home gym. You may also want to find a mirror to put in front of it to make your gym feel even more complete.

A Functional Trainer

The great thing about gym equipment is that many pieces are very versatile—you can do a variety of exercises with a single piece of equipment, keeping your workouts intense, effective, and creative. A functional trainer is a great example of an addition with several uses. With a functional trainer, you can perform excellent exercises for your chest, biceps, triceps, and more. The machine features stacked weights on two sides along with a pull-up bar at the top.

A Home Gym

A home gym is the perfect piece of equipment to get a lot from your workout. Precor’s home gym is an all-in-one machine great for stabilizing and strengthening muscles. You can perform great back and chest workouts on this machine, and you can also adjust the seat in various ways to get the workout you need. A home gym also features a weight stack that will allow you to push yourself and build strength.

A Strength Station

Chin-ups, pull-ups, and dips are great workouts many people overlook, but a strength station puts a focus on them. The station will help shape your back, arms, and shoulders. Take your exercises to the next level by including a strength station in your home gym—you’ll be able to see definite results in no time.

An Elliptical

If you’re looking to add more cardio to your daily workout routine, Precor offers plenty of high-quality options. An elliptical will give you the full-body workout you desire by working both your arms and legs in wide ranges of motion. The machine also features a screen that will make tracking your progress and reaching your goals incredibly easy.

Exercise Bikes

Biking is another excellent way to get in your cardio. With a biking exercise machine in your home gym, you no longer have to worry about the weather, so you can bike whenever you desire. Using a bike machine is also a good way to change up how you do your cardio during the week.


Another machine you should include in your home gym is a climber machine. This is another way to vary your cardio workouts. You could perform a workout on your stairs in your home if really you wanted to, but you probably don’t want to sweat all over your floors. Plus, climbing the stairs in your home could be dangerous, especially if they’re carpeted. So add a climber to your gym and get the ultimate cardio workout. This machine will also strengthen your lower body and help your glutes and hamstrings.


Speaking of the ultimate workout, rower machines are one of the best ways to get a great cardio workout in. The machine gives you a chance to do one of the best workouts with no limitations. It also requires you to use both your legs and arms in a way that will truly work every muscle group in your body.

Having the best exercise equipment for your home gym can give you a boost when it comes to your daily workouts. A personal gym gives you the opportunity to complete your workouts with premium fitness equipment whenever you please and in the comfort of your own home. Depending on the space in your home, you may be a bit more limited with the equipment you can use—but this just forces you to get creative and push yourself to try new exercises, which is important. Personalize your space based on what you need to challenge yourself daily and continue a healthy lifestyle.

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