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Whether your gym hiked up its membership prices, or you’re trying to hold yourself accountable and work out daily, there are many reasons why people choose to exercise at home.

If working out from home appeals to you, it may be time to buy your own equipment. Home fitness equipment comes in a variety of sizes and styles, so we put together a quick, comprehensive guide to help you choose premium fitness equipment.

Consider the type of equipment that you’ll use

Staying in shape from home is easy, convenient, and surprisingly affordable. You simply make a one-time purchase, and then you can pencil in your workouts or exercise whenever you have free time. However, the world of exercise equipment is vast—we’re sure you’ve seen the seemingly endless rows of different machines at the gym before. It can be intimidating to select from a wide variety of machines, but identifying the type of equipment you want to use will make the hunt less stressful.

Generally speaking, there are two different types of equipment you can buy—cardio equipment and strength equipment. Here’s the difference:

  • Aerobic/cardio equipment — If you want to torch calories and improve your cardiovascular health, look for cardio equipment. Cardio equipment is very straightforward, so you won’t need to go the extra mile to learn something new. Simply run or bike for an extended period of time! Cardio equipment includes ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes.
  • Strength training equipment —If you’re more interested in building strength and sculpting your physique, you should reach for strength training equipment. This includes weight machines, calisthenics equipment, and free weights.

Both types offer their own unique benefits; however, the choice is ultimately yours. No matter the home fitness equipment you buy, if you have a medical condition, be sure to consult a doctor for clearance before you exercise. It’s especially important to consult your trusted medical professional before you begin a new exercise regimen!

Choosing a machine

Once you’ve established the type of home fitness equipment you want or need, it’s time to choose a machine. The options are almost endless; therefore, you’ll really need to give this some serious thought. We recommend choosing the best machine or equipment for your lifestyle and goals.

So, before you purchase strength or cardio equipment, ask yourself the following questions:

Have I tried out this machine at my local gym?

If you’re familiar with the equipment, you’re more likely to use it regularly. If you see a machine you’re interested in but haven’t tried, give it a go at your neighborhood gym.

Don’t pay attention to or go for the gimmicks. Think about what you already use on a regular basis. If you don’t like using a particular piece of equipment at the gym, you probably won’t reach for it at your house—that’s the bottom line.

Do I have enough space in my home for the equipment I want to buy?

It’s crucial to dedicate enough space to your new machines. It’s never a good feeling when a big purchase doesn’t quite fit in your living space. Plan a specific place for your equipment—this can be your basement, your garage, or a spare room in the house. As long as you can find a ventilated, well-lit area in your home, you should be good to go. Take measurements, so you can ensure that your space won’t be too crowded with all of your exercise gear.

If you have ample room for equipment, then you can consider purchasing weight racks and larger machines. However, if you want to (or have to) dedicate a small space to your fitness equipment, you should invest in small, portable, or foldable equipment.

Am I buying this equipment because I genuinely enjoy it, or because of advertising? Will it help me reach my fitness goals?

Commercials and social media can really sway decisions, but the advertised workouts may not help you succeed. Think carefully before you buy: always take your time to shop around and compare prices. Do you really want to use certain equipment? Is it worth it to you in terms of cost and satisfaction? You may want to look at customer reviews, too; honest customer feedback will give you an idea of what you should expect and, maybe, even buy. Highly experienced athletes and personal trainers are very familiar with how premium fitness equipment should work, so if you’re still not sure what to buy, trust their recommendations.

Is the equipment within my budget?

It may be tempting to go outside your budget, especially for shiny new equipment, but don’t let your mind fool you. You don’t want to give in and spend more than you originally planned. Oftentimes, you’ll also need to budget for cushioned workout mats or extra sets of weights—these small purchases can really add up.

If you can afford a few machines, go ahead and pick out the ones you like best. There are also some multi-purpose machines, such as a Smith Cage System. If you’re short on cash (and most of us are), start with the basics. We recommend dumbbells and kettlebells; free weights are still just as effective as machine weights.

Choosing a brand

When it comes to selecting the best equipment for your home, you want to choose from a name you can trust. Now, there’s more to a brand than a celebrity endorsement—a brand name can determine a machine’s longevity, meaning how it’s made and how it performs. Do your research on each manufacturer, and see if there are any performance issues with whatever machines interest you.

There are multiple brands in the fitness industry, but there are more prominent brands that trainers happily recommend to fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. One of them is Precor Home Fitness.

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