November 27, 2019 2 min read

Many people think that starting a workout routine is the hardest part of staying fit. However, maintaining that workout is difficult, and it can become stale after a while. As such, it may be time to reboot how you work out, so you can continue to see progress and stay healthy. Here’s how to switch up your workout routine if you need a change.

Consider New Training Techniques

When you commit to a healthy lifestyle, you cannot be afraid to try new things. This includes experimenting with different types of training such as HIIT, yoga, supersets, other exercises. When you try these new workouts, it presents a new mental and physical challenge to overcome. For example, when it comes to cardio, consider using different machines in addition to the treadmill. A few of our favorites are as follows:


Take A Week Off

While getting into a good workout routine is excellent, sometimes the workouts themselves may not be as good as they once were. Your body may not feel fatigued, but mentally, consistent performing the same exercises can take its toll. That’s why you should consider taking a week off so your body can rejuvenate. The great thing about taking a week off is that you won’t lose any progress, and you can return to the gym with far more energy. If you don’t want to take an entire week off, you can just change up when you normally have your rest days.

Change Up Your Sets and Reps

It may also start to get old doing the same amount of sets and reps every time your workout. Instead, try adding some variety to how many you do. You can lift more weight by doing fewer sets and reps, or you can do less weight with more sets and reps. You can even gradually increase or decrease the number of sets and reps you do on a daily or weekly basis. You can also see what the maximum amount of weight you can hold is by doing one or two reps. The point is, all these variations will bring something new to your workout routine.

Workout at A Different Time

Another option you have that can make your workouts feel more refreshing is to try doing them at a different time. There is never really a bad time to work out—it just has to fit in with your schedule. If you typically exercise after work, try doing it before and vice versa. This can be a welcome change that can improve your workouts.

Workout at Home

A final part of your workout routine that might be bringing you down is having to travel to a local gym every day. Working out at home can not only be a great way to change your repetitive exercise up, but it’s more convenient. Plus, you can build your gym however you want, so you’ll always have access to the equipment you want to use.

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