April 20, 2021 2 min read

When motivation strikes and you decide to commit to a healthier lifestyle, the most challenging part of the journey is starting. You have a lot to learn, and a major lifestyle change is hard to stick with. The most common mistake fitness beginners make is setting their goals too high and quickly getting burned-out or discouraged, inevitably giving up altogether. Let us teach you how to set and achieve smart fitness goals that will keep you on track without being overwhelming.

Take It One at a Time

The key to understanding how to set and achieve smart fitness goals is to recognize what is achievable and what is not. While your ultimate goal may be to lose a certain amount of weight or build up your muscles, you should set smaller goals in between so that you’ll be able to see and feel a real sense of progress. Since the change is gradual, that slow progress can often feel futile and lead to discouragement. Setting milestones will give you a sense of achievement and victory—creating a cause for celebration and giving you the chance to reward yourself along the way. These smaller rewards will keep you motivated, so don’t neglect them thinking they’ll only detract from your progress!

Tailor It to Yourself

Don’t tangle yourself up in following guides or training regiments to the absolute letter. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so allowing yourself some wiggle room in how you work out will give you more freedom to find a fitness routine that suits you best. Similarly, it’s natural for people to compare themselves to others—just do your best not to base your goals on other people’s goals or standards.

Start Off Easy

As you’re just starting out, don’t dive headfirst into deadlifting or bench presses. Instead, work your way up. Start with exercises that are more accessible and easier to commit to than the extremes. For example, cardio exercise is not only great for weight loss, but it’s one of the most accessible forms of exercise available because you can complete a cardio workout by simply walking or jogging. Finding a decent treadmill or stair climber for sale is a fantastic and effective place to start until you’ve gotten into the groove of exercise.

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