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There are a few items that perfectly encapsulate a gym: free weights, cardio machines, barbells, and dumbbells. However, when stocking up your home gym, it can be hard to find the right item that matches your fitness level and training. No matter what, dumbbells are a great versatile piece of gym equipment perfect for any home gym. Read this guide if you’re confused about how to pick the right dumbbells for your home gym. This knowledge will make you feel more confident in your selection for your gym space, given the different types of dumbbells available for purchase, along with budget, purpose, and space.

Types of Dumbbells

One of the main considerations for choosing dumbbells is the type. Dumbbells come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, weights, and materials. Whether you’re buying individually or as a set, consider the type so you understand what you’re buying.

The five most common types of dumbbells are hex, round, adjustable, fixed, and studio. Hex dumbbells are hexagonal shaped to avoid rolling on the floor. They’re perfect for floor and bench exercises. They are also considerably cheaper than other types, but they may have contoured handles.

Round dumbbells are also incredibly common and are mostly located in commercial gyms. However, they’re perfect for home gyms because they have rubberized material to reduce floor damage. Round dumbbells typically have straight handles. Be cautious, as they can also roll away from you.

Adjustable dumbbells exist and are increasing in popularity. These dumbbells allow you to change the amount of weight you’re lifting. Traditional bar and plate adjustable dumbbells require various small dumbbell plates and safety locks or pins to secure them on the dumbbell bar. Modern adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight without needing to manually add or remove weight plates.

Fixed dumbbells come as a constant weight. Fixed dumbbells are probably the most common on the market, but require the most space, since you must order different individual or dumbbells pairs based on your strength.

Finally, studio dumbbells are lighter dumbbells with a texturized neoprene or rubber coating. This protects the dumbbell with additional slip resistance.


It’s important to consider the reason for adding dumbbells to your home gym. Everyone’s strength and fitness goals are different. If you prefer lighter dumbbells for cardio-centric or plyometric exercises, studio or fixed dumbbells may be your best bet. This way, you can order individual dumbbells or pairs based on your specific training requirements. More strength-based athletes may prefer fixed, adjustable, rounded, or hexagonal dumbbells for their workouts. Whichever type you choose, every type of dumbbell is going to help further your workout and take it to the next step.

Dumbbells are great for a variety of exercises, from free weight strength training to cardio-based activities like jazzercise. The key thing to remember is to order based on your training goals. For example, if you’re lifting a certain weight now, you may need to order additional higher or lower weights to improve or change up your current routine as your workout evolves.


Space is another crucial facet with dumbbells in your home gym. If you’re struggling with how to pick the right dumbbells for your home gym, space is crucial. Everyone’s home gyms are different. Some people prefer larger spaces like their garage or basement. Others may not have this luxury and can only keep certain exercise machines or weights in an extra room in their house or apartment. Either way, the amount of available space may determine which dumbbells you’ll buy.

Those who have lots of free space may have no issue purchasing a large dumbbell set. These sets range in weights from 5 to 100 pounds. Typically, this also includes a dumbbell rack for you to place your dumbbells, thereby saving you more room throughout your gym space. In this case, round or hex dumbbells are viable options.

Still, anyone with limited space may find a large dumbbell set to be too much clutter. Anyone in this situation should opt for studio, fixed, or adjustable dumbbells. While you may need to order based on your specific space and fitness level, this way you can find the right dumbbells for your specific training without over-cluttering your gym space. The rubberized protection on fixed and studio dumbbells further protects flooring and promote noise reduction so you won’t bother any neighbors or roommates.


Budget is another consideration. Everyone’s budget is different. Some people can only afford a couple of pairs of dumbbells, while others want a full-on commercial gym setup in their home gym. Whatever your budget, the right dumbbells will help accentuate your home gym to further your workouts.

Each type of dumbbell is priced differently. Naturally, heavier dumbbells cost more than lighter ones. Also, fixed, round, and modern adjustable dumbbells may cost more than their hexagonal or studio counterparts. Still, modern adjustable dumbbells come as one set price. This way, you only need to purchase the individual or pair of adjustable dumbbells instead of multiple pairs of various weights.

Adjustable dumbbells may look or feel too awkward for some people, though. If you’re more comfortable purchasing various sets of round, fixes, or hex dumbbells, then do so. Just know that hex dumbbells are considerably cheaper, but may not feel as natural given their contoured handles. Round dumbbells offer a straight handle to align better with your grip but may cost more due to their professional-grade finish and appearance.

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How To Pick the Right Dumbbells for Your Home Gym

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