February 05, 2019 3 min read

You may intend on keeping your fitness resolutions for the new year, but what about the rest of your family? It can be difficult to stay focused on your goals when it's tempting to join the kids on the couch after school or in the evenings. When you know other members of your family would benefit from embracing a more active lifestyle, it can be tough to stand idly by (or even maintain your own motivation). But if you can manage to get your family involved in the process, you'll be able to achieve your goals using the gym equipment you've purchased at fitness stores and encourage the lifelong healthy habits of your loved ones. Here are just a few ways you can focus on family fitness in 2019.

Figure Out What They Enjoy

When you purchased your fitness equipment, you probably thought very carefully about the kinds of physical activities you like to do. If you detest stair climbers, buying one would have probably been a waste of money. Your kids or spouse won't be inclined to embrace fitness if you're forcing them to do something they really hate. So if you want them to get on board with a more active lifestyle, you'll need to determine what kinds of activities they'll be more likely to enjoy.

If your children have used gym equipment before, take them around some local fitness stores and see which machines pique their interest. You can also ask them about their experiences in physical education or after-school clubs. Many kids who aren't naturally athletic might struggle here, but keep in mind that activities like golf, dance, archery, bowling, bicycling, martial arts, yoga, and ice skating can provide an amazing workout and ignite a passion. Don't discount these activities as being somehow less athletic. If you encourage their participation now, they'll feel supported and confident when trying out other physical activities, too!

Start Off Small

Keep in mind that we all have to begin somewhere. If your partner is rather sedentary or your kids are unaccustomed to a lot of physical activity, they'll need to build their stamina and adjust to this new routine. There is no shame in that! Making a drastic lifestyle change takes courage and patience. Focus on all the amazing things your bodies are capable of and how incredible it is that they'll soon be capable of so much more!

You can make this transition even easier by starting off small and gradually building up physical activity levels. That means you might take a family walk with the dog after dinner or engage in a household chore competition on the weekends. It might mean riding your bikes to your favorite restaurant or doing some stretches together every morning before breakfast. By incorporating physical activity just a little bit at a time -- and doing it all together as a unit -- you can help your loved ones associate working out with fun family activities (rather than something they dread doing).

Limit Screen Time

A lot of kids would rather consume digital media than work out. In fact, children now spend more than 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen and nearly one-third of high schoolers play video or computer games for three hours or more on the average school day. Those are some scary stats for parents, but adults may be just as guilty. If you want to increase your activity levels, you'll need to decrease your screen time.

Make a family pact to put away your phones and other devices during specific times so that you can enjoy a physical activity together with no distractions. During this time, make good use of the equipment you've purchased from fitness stores, play outside in the yard, or head to your local recreation center to engage in a physical workout of some kind. Schedule it in like everything else in your busy itinerary so that no one can claim they're too busy. You might realize just how enjoyable phone-free time can be, whether you're working out or not.

At our fitness stores, we've got everything your family needs to get healthy this year. For more info, contact us today.

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