January 12, 2022 2 min read

The amount of exercise equipment available today is overwhelming for anyone unfamiliar with it. There are machines to build strength, lose weight, improve flexibility, and so on. What if you can find a machine to do all the above? That’s where stair climbers come in handy. But you may ask, “Do stair steppers count as cardio or strength training?” Fortunately, this guide has the answers.

It Builds Muscle Strength

Believe it or not, stair steppers are great machines to help strengthen muscles. Primarily, they help strengthen your legs, core, and glutes. You should still work your lower body through various other workouts, such as weightlifting. However, stair steppers offer more strength training than other types of cardio machines, including ellipticals, treadmills, or recumbent bikes. That’s because you need to hold yourself up the entire time you’re on a stair climber. You can also add various changes to your stair stepper routine to increase the number of calories you burn.

It’s Low-Impact Cardio

Still, stair climbers are great for building cardiovascular endurance as well. You don’t need to run or ride a bike to have an exercise that counts as cardio. There are many ways to increase endurance, stamina, and cardiovascular strength without ever stepping foot on a treadmill. Stair climbers offer variation in intensity and performance. For one, they’re great for both low-impact steady-state cardio sessions and high-intensity interval training. You can adjust them to your fitness goals. And since you can change the resistance and speed levels on a stair climber, you can gradually improve your workout in any way you see fit.

The Bottom Line

You may still question whether stair steppers count as cardio or strength training? The simple answer is that they fulfill both aspects of fitness. You can use stair climbers for gaining cardiovascular endurance and strength in your core, legs, and glutes. As with any type of exercise, this also largely depends on your personal fitness goals. While you must still follow a healthy diet and fitness routine, stair climbers are an efficient way to do heart-pumping cardio and induce muscle-building soreness in your legs. Before long, you’ll notice climbing regular stairs or lifting boxes and other items is easier than ever.

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