December 20, 2021 2 min read

Not everyone has the free space to build their ideal home gym. While many people opt for the garage or basement, some don’t have this opportunity. The question arises: can you put a home gym on the second floor? Read this guide to learn how to build a safe yet effective second-floor home gym.

Is It Safe?

The simple answer is yes; you can safely include gym equipment on the second floor of your home. This may be different if you live in an apartment, as you’ll need to check with the landlord. The main consideration to keep in mind is safety, though. Failure to catch yourself from dropping weights could seriously damage your floors and your feet. One way to reduce the chances of this happening is to use lighter equipment, like cardio or strength machines, that won’t increase any risk for injury as free weights do. Be sure to use proper form and only work out if properly hydrated and energized.

Will It Damage My Floor?

Another common concern is potential damage to your floors. If you must use free weights, like barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells, there is an increased chance that you could damage your interior if you’re not careful. If you’re careless about your lifts and tend to drop weights, this could cause your floors to sag or warp. It could also puncture hardwood and cause splinters or other safety risks. One way to reduce this is to add rubberized pads on the floors. This way, if you drop your weights, you can reduce the gravitational force of the weights. Another idea is to use safety bars if using a power cage or weight rack. Even if you don’t need the safety racks for your lift, they’ll stop you from dropping a heavy barbell.

What Should I Include?

Knowing you can put a home gym on the second floor means knowing what to include. As with any home gym, your equipment is respective to your fitness goals and preferred exercises. Cardio machines and lighter free weights are a great idea if you have limited space. Another important consideration is the amount of weight given the space capacity. Keep heavier items against the walls and try to keep items from the center, as it is the weakest part of the floor. You don’t want to risk falling through to the bottom floors. While you can build a home gym on the second floor, a garage or basement are still the safest, most secure spots to do so.

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