November 12, 2021 2 min read

Space is a virtue, especially when it comes to a home gym. Still, even if you don’t have much space, there are many ways to free up the extra room needed for your workouts. Check out these best organization tips to create a tidy home gym.

Find the Perfect Space

First, when designing your home gym, always consider the best space for this purpose. The area should have enough space for your equipment and for you to exercise freely. Many people consider their garage or basement optimal home gym spaces. Both these areas are large enough for you to lift, run, or stretch without knocking into too much clutter. However, if you need to organize your garage or basement before adding equipment, do so.

Buy Storage Racks and Shelves

Don’t ignore the versatility of storage racks and shelves, either. Whether you opt for plastic bins or weight storage racks, there are many options to choose from. Use storage bins for small items like jump ropes, resistance bands, and foam rollers. Larger pieces, such as dumbbells, plates, and barbells, require their own storage racks. Shelves can also come in handy to store your speakers, yoga mats, and other excess pieces of equipment you cannot find ample space for. If it helps, label your storage to further keep organized.

Make Use of the Entire Space

This may seem simple, but you should remember that your home gym must provide enough space for you to work out without damaging yourself or your belongings. Therefore, make use of the entire area. If you’re using a garage, you should designate space for your equipment, vehicle, and other miscellaneous items. Similarly, if you’re using a basement, keep your storage away from your exercise equipment so that you don’t damage anything valuable. It also helps to keep specific exercise equipment pieces together. For instance, you could have strength equipment in one spot and cardio equipment in another. The tidier the space, the more you have to work with.

Buy Equipment Based on the Space

Another one of the best organization tips to create a tidy home gym is to buy equipment based on the amount of workable space you have. If you truly want a hardcore, strength-based home gym, remove any excess clutter as much as possible. You want to tailor it to your preferences. If you don’t need any weight training equipment, you can stock up on your favorite cardio or stretching equipment instead. Either way, make sure you have the room first before making any major purchases.

And that’s how to make a neat home workout area. If you’re in the market for weight plate storage racks, check out our selection at Top Fitness Store. We have everything you need to design and create your perfect home gym. Our storage racks are versatile and practical. No matter what your goals are, you have the space and organization to work toward them. We also sell vertical and horizontal dumbbell racks to reduce clutter. Call us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help you find the gym equipment you’re looking for.

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