March 29, 2021 2 min read

A staple of any gym, stability balls are highly coveted for their versatility within a multitude of workout routines; they’re readily available in any home fitness store. If you want something to supplement your exercises, there’s no better option—but you needn’t just take our word for it. Let’s review the benefits of using a stability ball in your workout routine.

Strengthens the Core

For those looking to enhance their core, especially at home, a stability ball is a great substitute for an exercise bench. It takes up far less space and just about any exercise on a bench can be performed on a stability ball, albeit with some extra challenge to really push yourself just a bit further. Some of these exercises include rows and bicep curls, but the core strength comes from maintaining your stability on the ball as you perform these exercises.

Improves Flexibility

Stability balls are a fantastic addition to any warmup. Incorporating this ball into your warmup will improve your flexibility by keeping your joints nice and loose for when you move on to your actual workout routine. Exercises like yoga especially make full use of the stability ball to perform greater stretches and see even greater results.

Improves Balance

As the name suggests, the stability ball is all about balance. Even just sitting on the ball will engage your stabilizer muscles in your back and abdominals to maintain your balance on the ball. So, by pushing them even further with exercises, your body’s ability to balance will greatly improve. To help you become much more coordinated, just ensure your body is properly aligned during these workouts to avoid injuries.

Back and Spine Benefits

One of the best benefits of using a stability ball in your workout routine is the support it provides for your lower back and spine. Physical therapists often make use of a stability ball for their patients suffering from back problems so that they can still exercise without further injuring themselves. For those without back problems, the stability ball can still help by ensuring you don’t develop issues with your back.

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