7 Reasons to Get Regular Exercise

March 08, 2019 3 min read

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The American obesity epidemic is hardly a state secret. It has been estimated that more than 78 million adults in the United States are considered to be obese. That number is 12.5 million for children and adolescents. Some experts say that by 2030, at least half of all American adults will be obese. Most people know that getting exercise is good for everyone but that does not mean everyone gets enough. Only 53% of people over the age of 18 get the recommended amount of aerobic activity. There are a number of benefits that come along with getting exercise. Whether people are into home fitness or they go out to use gym equipment, here are some benefits you can get from moving more:

  1. You will be happier. Research has found that getting more exercise can decrease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. This alone can be a good reason to buy home fitness equipment. When you work out or play sports, your brain actually is changed. in the areas that deal with anxiety and stress. Some of the changes to the brain also make it more sensitive to both norepinephrine and serotonin. These let people feel better. Endorphins are also released and they are considered to be natural painkillers. Working out also helps people who suffer from anxiety to get their mind off of their worries.
  2. It helps people lose weight. This is a bit of a no-brainer. When people are less active, they weigh more. People who go to a gym or use home fitness equipment lose weight. Your body needs energy for three things. You need it to digest the food you eat, maintain your bodily functions, and to work out. When people start a diet, the body lowers the rate at which it uses energy. That hurts your dieting efforts. By contrast, working out more helps your body use more energy. The bottom line is that you need to diet and work out to lose weight.
  3. It helps your bones and muscles. We all need to have strong bones and muscles. As people age, they lose strength and mass in both. The best antidote to this loss of muscle and bone is exercise. You need to eat enough protein but if you do, doing some weight training can help keep your muscles in tip top shape. Getting regular exercise can also help strengthen your muscles and bones.
  4. It will give you more energy. Working out has been shown to do a lot to increase a person's energy level. It helps people who are already healthy and those who suffer from underlying medical conditions. In a study of 36 volunteers, after working out regularly for six weeks, the energy level of the participants went up. People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome also benefit from working out regularly.
  5. Exercise lowers the risk of developing chronic illness. One of the main causes of a number of chronic illnesses is a sedentary lifestyle. Experts say that working out on a regular basis improves cardiovascular fitness, increases insulin sensitivity, and lowers the levels of fat in the blood and blood pressure.
  6. Working out can improve skin health. Oxidative stress can have a big impact on your skin. This kind of stress is caused by problems in the antioxidant processes in the body. When free radicals damage the body, it responds by fighting back. When you do not work out enough, you lower your body's ability to do just that. When this happens, your skin suffers. Working out strengthens the systems that prevent antioxidant damage and make your skin look better.
  7. Working out can improve your memory. When you work out, more oxygen-rich blood goes to your brain. This helps the health of your brain. Furthermore, exercise can help your body produce hormones that promote brain cell growth. This really helps you think better and have a better memory.

Getting regular exercise, using home fitness equipment, playing sports, or going to the gym, is great for your mental and physical health. People who are able to do this regularly report feeling better in a number of ways. They are healthier and happier people overall. It can seem daunting, the prospect of starting a new exercise program but the benefits outweigh any difficulties.

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