April 30, 2020 2 min read

One of the biggest obstacles many gym-goers are currently facing is losing all the progress they’d made at the gym. However, they may not be able to return to their local gyms for a few more months. If you’re worried about facing setbacks, utilize these ways to maintain your muscle mass at home in the meantime.

Consume More Calories 

If you’re a hard gainer, then you might start to lose your muscle mass quickly. One way to prevent this is bumping up your caloric intake while you’re in self-isolation. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and enough nutrients to maintain your physique.  

Continue to Do Resistance Training 

To maintain your muscle mass, you’ll also need to continue doing resistance training exercises, such as planks, leg raises, and wall sits. The great thing about resistance training is that you can easily do it at home without any major pieces of exercise equipment. 

Focus on the Technique 

During this time at home, a primary focus should be your technique. You might not have many weights in your home, so perfecting your form is the best way to maintain your muscle.  

Increase Your Volume 

In addition to focusing on your technique and slowing things down a bit to truly work your muscles, you should also increase your volume. The key to building muscle and maintaining it is to truly give your muscles a good workout. Since you might be doing a lot of bodyweight exercises at home or using a limited selection of weights, you should increase your reps.  

Build Your Own Gym at Home 

Perhaps the best way to maintain your muscle mass at home is to simply build a gym of your own. There’s no telling when gyms around the country will reopen again. Plus, you can get all the octane fitness equipment you need at Top Fitness Store. Now is the perfect time to build the gym of your dreams at home.

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