May 12, 2020 2 min read

A treadmill is a must-have for any home gym, but there are instances where it might not be working the way it used to. There are also some signs that your treadmill should be replaced; read up on them and keep them on your radar because these issues can result in a serious injury.  

Unusual Sounds 

While treadmills can be loud, you may notice some unusual sounds during use. This is one sign that your home gym’s treadmill should be replaced. This is because the problem may lie with the treadmill’s motor. To prevent this issue, clean your treadmill regularly.  

Damaged Frame

You might also own a treadmill that has a damaged frame, which can be detrimental. A damaged frame can cause your treadmill to shake, which makes it dangerous to walk on, so you are better off looking for a new one. 

Electronic Issues 

Your treadmill might also suffer from electronic issues. For instance, your treadmill might not turn on at all or it might randomly turn off during your cardio workout. Electronic issues with your treadmill can be a huge risk and potentially start a fire in your home.  


No piece of machinery is meant to last forever. While proper maintenance can keep it running for a long time, a treadmill that is seven years or older is another sign that you should probably move on and get a new one.  

Unavailable or Expensive Parts

Like a car, you can repair your own treadmill to a certain extent. However, this point goes back to your treadmill being outdated—you may not be able to find the parts online to fix it. Plus, a treadmill repair might be too expensive; maybe you’re better off getting a new one.  

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