WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

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Unlike the mechanical feeling of fan and magnetic rowing machines, a WaterRower harnesses the power of water to provide a smooth and even resistance. Try a workout that feels and sounds just like rowing in a boat, and one that is unrivaled in replicating not only the physiological dynamics of rowing, but also the aesthetic pleasure.


The WaterRower Natural rowing machine is handcrafted in solid ash wood, stained Honey Oak, and finished with Danish oil. Wood is an excellent material for this application due to its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the WaterRower's smooth, quiet operation. The Natural, as with all WaterRowers, features patented WaterFlywheel technology, unrivaled in its replication of the resistance felt in on the water rowing.



ALSO INCLUDES: Owners Manual, Syphon Pump, Water Purification Tablets, Allen Key


More Information 

Frame Material American Ash wood (from sustainable forests)
Workout Monitor S4 Performance Monitor
Heart Rate Monitoring Available for this model with additional kit (sold separately)
Dimension In Use: Length - 82.25” / 209 cm, Width - 22.25” / 57 cm, Height - 20” / 51 cm, Stored: Depth - 20” / 51 cm, Width - 22.25” / 57 cm, Height - 82.25” / 209 cm Weight: 66.5 lbs / 30.5 kg (dry), 103.5 lb / 47 kg (17 l of water)
User Weight Limit 700lbs / 317kg
  • 5 Year Frame 
  • 3 Years Parts

Customer Reviews

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Stuart (Oakland, US)
Nice home rower

The unit arrived well packaged and undamaged. Assembly was easy using only the 2 included hex keys. Filling the tank was easy but the included siphon pump is pretty flimsy - I may buy a better one.

Overall quality (parts, materials, fit, finish) looks very good.

For perspective, I have more than 20 years experience rowing in shells and I've probably done more than a thousand km on Concept 2 rowers. So far I've logged only 30 km on the WaterRower in 2 weeks and due to age and injuries I've kept the power under 200 W (500 m splits over 2:00).

The resistance feels reasonably close to a Concept 2 rower but the Concept 2 has a much wider adjustment range. With a medium water level the resistance feels more like a slow single shell than a fast quad or eight. For just getting a workout I don't think that matters. The WaterRower display is fine for relative readings, like how you're progressing over time, but isn't accurate enough to compare results on different machines. Again, no problem for just getting a workout.

The WaterRower is much quieter than the Concept 2, looks nicer, stores vertically, and generally fits much better into a home. Most of the sound comes from the splashing water but doesn't resemble what you'd hear in a boat, which if you're rowing properly is nearly silent.

I find the seat comfortable and it rolls easily. In a shell the seat tracks are usually raised a bit at the bow end, you could get the same effect by raising the rear of the WaterRower about an inch. The handle is fine. The footpads will probably feel better with shoes but don't bother me since I don't use the footstraps when I'm rowing on a machine.

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