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Top Fitness Urethane Coated Kettlebell is incredibly strong and shock absorbent.  Durable, resilient and perfectly designed, the traditional urethane coated kettlebells will provide explosive workouts that can train the entire body.


Working out with a kettlebell is a functional workout that can help you do everyday activities. The workout benefits include core and cardio training, flexibility training, full-body conditioning, grip strength, overall strength and improving range of motion. While kettlebell workouts can tighten and tone your whole body, the dynamic full-body movements also burns calories and can aid in weight loss. These same exercises can also help reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back, as well as help to improve your posture. Training with kettlebells can be used for rehabilitation programs and is recommended for users of all fitness levels. 

  • Urethane Coated increases durability and shock absorbency 
  • Solid steel construction to withstand the harshest workouts
  • Oversized handle for easy transitions from hand to hand
  • Great for both standard and weight training exercises
  • Ideal for cross training exercises such as snatches, swings, cleans & jerks
  • Helps build muscular endurance
  • Available in 5 - 90lbs

Available in the following sizes:

  • 5lbs
  • 10lbs
  • 15lbs
  • 20lbs
  • 25lbs
  • 30lbs
  • 35lbs
  • 40lbs
  • 45lbs
  • 50lbs
  • 55lbs
  • 60lbs
  • 65lbs
  • 70lbs
  • 75lbs
  • 80lbs
  • 85lbs
  • 90lbs
  • 95lbs
  • 100lbs

90 days on manufacturer defects

Customer Reviews

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Ross O. (Houston, US)
Good Kettlebells

Good Kettlebells, I like them a lot. These are just like the ones we use at F45. I like the familiar feel. I keep them outdoors in a shed and so far they are holding up great.

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Brian was charming and very knowledgeable. The True treadmills are excellent and last forever- I'm only buying a new one because the old one is 24 years old and has limited features. It still works though!

Jodie R.

This store has the high end equipment that lasts, and the staff is very helpful in fitting the equipment with your needs. They are very friendly and not pushy to make the sale.

Frank D.

Brian did a great job helping me find what I needed. Would certainly purchase from Top Fitness again. Great overall experience!

Daniel S.

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