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The Smart Studio Line Elite Self-Guided Commercial Package is the most comprehensive storage solution in our line-up, with our neutral color scheme. It is engineered to offer multiple functional training products, easily accessible, efficiently organized, and totally mobile. It fits conveniently anywhere in the room and can be transported to other rooms, outdoors, or for specific classes.

Smart Elite Self-Guided Commercial Package includes the following:

(6) Studio Line Exercise Mats, 16mm with Grommets (Black)
(4) Smart Recovery Foam Rollers
(1) Studio Line Medicine Ball, 4lb (Gray)
(2) Studio Line Medicine Balls, 6lb (Gray)
(2) Studio Line Medicine Balls, 8lb (Gray)
(1) Studio Line Medicine Ball, 10lb (Gray)
(1) Studio Line Medicine Ball, 15lb (Gray)
(1) Studio Line Stability Ball, 55cm (Black)
(1) Studio Line Stability Ball, 65cm (Black)
(1) Studio Line Stability Ball, 75cm (Black)
(2) Mini Flat Bands, Light (Yellow)
(2) Mini Flat Bands, Medium (Green)
(2) Mini Flat Bands, Heavy (Blue)
(2) Smart Speed Jump Ropes
(1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing with Handle, Very Light, 5lb (Green)
(1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing with Handle, Light, 10lb (Light Blue)
(1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing with Handle, Medium, 15lb (Red)
(1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing with Handle, Heavy, 20lb (Blue)
(1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing with Handle, Very Heavy, 25lb (Black)
(1) Smart Elite Storage Tower

    • Dimensions 70” W x 30” D x 97” H
    • Designed to fit most size rooms and budgets.
    • Can be placed in corners, against a wall and can easily be moved from room to room!
    • Interlocking transport wheels for mobility

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    Brian was charming and very knowledgeable. The True treadmills are excellent and last forever- I'm only buying a new one because the old one is 24 years old and has limited features. It still works though!

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    This store has the high end equipment that lasts, and the staff is very helpful in fitting the equipment with your needs. They are very friendly and not pushy to make the sale.

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    Brian did a great job helping me find what I needed. Would certainly purchase from Top Fitness again. Great overall experience!

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