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Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Workout Gloves


It is always nice to have some help, whether it is putting away the dishes, having dinner cooked for you or painting the spare bedroom. Spirit TCR realizes every little bit of help goes a long way. This is why we developed our workout gloves, made to give you the little bit of help and support you need to get the best results possible.

Eco-friendly in material, serious in look and effective in purpose, these gloves really are the best solution to protect your hands from damage, improve grip, reduce fatigue and achieve your desired success. Made for men and women alike the Spirit TCR workout gloves come in 4 Sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Be sure to make the smart choice and put them to the test in your next workout.

To know your size measure the circumference around your hand just below the knuckle:

7.5" or less = Small
7.5" – 8.0" = Medium
8.0" – 8.5" = Large
8.5" or above = Extra Large

Product Benefits

  • Protects Hands From Blisters and Injury
  • Reduces Hand Fatigue for Increased Focus on Exercises
  • Comfort Designed Padding Allows for Superior Grip


Product Features

  • High Quality Eco Friendly Construction
  • Ideal Gloves for Male and Females
  • Cross Stitched Design For Durability