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Spirit Fitness

Spirit TCR Pull Up Bar

The Spirit TCR Pull Up Bar has every function you need for a total upper body workout. Conveniently hangs on the door for both pull ups and sit ups, the list of exercises can go on and on. Easily targets the whole upper back, shoulder and chest with a wide range of pull up options. Wide Grip, Narrow Grip and Chin Ups are superb exercises for strength and endurance and overall muscle growth.

Amazingly you can add hanging ab exercises such as windscreen washers and lower ab lifts to the equation. Put the bar on the ground and you can include push-ups, tricep dips and crunches. Safe, durable, and easy to put together, this is something every home should have for home training. It's time to make yourself stronger, leaner and healthier with the Spirit TCR Pull Up Bar.


Product Benefits

  • Perfect For Pull Ups, Push Ups, Ab Work, Dips and Much More
  • Versatile Grip Design Provides Endless Options
  • See Fast Improvement for All Exercises