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Russian Kettlebell - 48kg

Durable, resilient and perfectly designed, the traditional Russian Kettlebell will provide explosive workouts that can train the entire body. The Russian Kettlebells are constructed out of cast iron and painted grey. Each unit has the weight stamped onto the face of the kettlebell for easy weight indication. As you progress further in weight with the Russian Kettlebells, the ball size increases and so does the handle diameter.

Health Benefits

Working out with a kettlebell is a functional workout that can help you do everyday activities. The workout benefits include core and cardio training, flexibility training, full-body conditioning, grip strength, overall strength and improving range of motion. While kettlebell workouts can tighten and tone your whole body, the dynamic full-body movements also burn calories and can aid in weight loss. These same exercises can also help reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back, as well as help improve your posture. Training with kettlebells can be used for rehabilitation programs and is recommended for users of all fitness levels.


Cast-Iron Handles

Get more out of your workout. As you work your way up to more weight, the cast-iron handles on the Russian Kettlebells also increase in size. This will change the way you work out. It makes it a great alternative to standard diameter kettlebell handles and will challenge your grip and forearm strength.


  • Durable, resilient and perfectly designed
  • Cast-Iron construction
  • Weight stamped into Kettlebell for easy identification
  • 48kg
  • 13.5" total height x 12.5" total width

Available in the following sizes:

  • 4kg
  • 6kg
  • 8kg
  • 12kg
  • 16kg
  • 20kg
  • 24kg
  • 28kg
  • 32kg
  • 40kg
  • 48kg

PLEASE NOTE: Style may vary


90 days on manufacturers defects