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Waterrower SmartRow FAQ

For frequently asked questions regarding SmartRow, please see below.

If you have any further questions regarding the program, please contact us at info@precorhomefitness.com.

To purchase the SmartRow Conversion Kit, head to the Smart Row Product Page. For instructions or a preview on how to install the kit, please see our video: Installing the SmartRow Conversion Kit

What is SmartRow?

SmartRow is an intelligent replacement pulley for a (wooden) WaterRower, that measures the power in a radical new way. The electronics inside the pulley measures the force and stroke length and calculates the power, independent of the water level in your tank or the tightness off the recoil bungee. The data is presented wirelessly to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

What are the advantages of a SmartRow?

First and foremost: its accuracy. It gives you the best feedback of your workout. You can optimize your stroke with it, as it shows you the force-curve, each stroke. A great way to improve your technique! A heartrate sensor can easily be connected too, and the results are plotted during the workout. Having all your workouts stored on your mobile device is a great advantage too. You can now easily see improvements over time.

Can I connect the SmartRow app with the S4 monitor?

No, you cannot. SmartRow is an independent power meter and has a direct Bluetooth connection with your mobile device.

Where can I download the SmartRow app?

You can download the app in the Apple App Store. Make sure your device runs iOS 10.0 or higher. The Android app will be available around April 2018.

On which iPhones and/or iPads can I use the SmartRow app?

You can use the app on all Apple devices on which iOS 10.0 or higher is installed. The minimum will be around iPhone 5 (Sep 2012), iPad (Oct 2012), iPad mini 2 (Oct 2013), iPad air (Oct 2013). Always make sure you’re using the latest iOS version to benefit from the latest app features.

Do I need to enter the water level in the app?

No, you do not. SmartRow measures the amount of force you apply independently of the amount of water in your tank. You can change the water level to your preference and still compare your results with others in a 100% fair way.

Do I have to calibrate the SmartRow as for instance with a powermeter on a bike?

You don’t have to calibrate anything at all! SmartRow will calibrate itself, and in doing so, it automatically adjusts for changes in the recoil bungee over temperature and time.

Which heart rate monitors are compatible with the SmartRow?

The SmartRow app will work only with Bluetooth Heart Rate monitors that use the open standardized Bluetooth protocol. There are many monitors on the market, like chest-straps, watches, arm-bands and fitness-trackers. Please check before you buy something new. Because of the accuracy we recommend to use a chest-strap.

What batteries should I use and how many hours can I row on my batteries?

We advise 3 x AA 2500mAh Alkaline batteries. Other 1,5Volt AA’s will do, but this may affect the number of hours you can row. Depending on the battery quality you can row at least 50 hours.

Can I play music during my SmartRow workout?

Yes, you can! The Bluetooth connection is designed in a way you can use a different Bluetooth connection to play music while you are working out.

Can I change the layout of my display?

If you go to settings > display options, you can turn ‘advanced’ mode on and off. When the advanced-mode is off, the metrics are limited for a simple layout. If the advanced mode is on, you can personalize the metrics (settings > change display settings), and choose from the list below:

Power [W] – the power in Watts, of the last stroke
Ave. power [W] – the average power in Watts since the start of your workout
Energy [Kcal]– the energy burnt in calories since the start of the workout
Str./min/SPM– the actual number of strokes per minute
Str.length [cm]– length of the last stroke
Str.count – number of strokes since the start of the workout
Work [J] – the energy, in Joules, of the last stroke
Peak force [N] – the maximum force, in Newton, during the last stroke
Speed / 500m – the 500 meter split-time, of the last stroke
Ave. speed /500m – the average 500 meter split-time, since the start of the workout
Speed [m/s] – the speed in m/s, of the last stroke
Speed [km/h] – the speed in km/h, of the last stroke
Speed [kCal/h] – the speed in kCal/h, of the last stroke

What is Watt/kg and Watt/beat ?

These are professional fitness indicators. After a workout, the SmartRow app divides the average power by the weight you entered in ‘profile settings’. If you are using a heart rate monitor, the app will show you the ‘Watt/beat’, which is the division of average power and average heart rate.

Why should I register an account?

If you register an account, and you are logged in, all your workouts will be stored on our server and will always be available on other devices. If you don’t your workout-data will get lost when you switch to another device.

Where can I find the mounting instructions?

You can find the mounting instructions in the SmartRow app (Tutorials > Mounting instructions). You can download the app in the Apple App Store and Android play store (after April 2018).

How do I turn on the SmartRow?

One stroke will activate the SmartRow. When you see two blinking blue LED’s, the SmartRow will start searching for a connection. If there is no Bluetooth connection within 1 minute it will turn itself off.

Blue LED’s are blinking, now what?

The SmartRow is searching for a Bluetooth connection. Open the SmartRow app and press the Bluetooth button or go to settings to initiate a connection.

I can’t download the SmartRow app?

Please check if your iOS device runs on iOS 10.0 or higher. The Android app will be available in April 2018.

A red LED turns on, what does it mean?

If you’re seeing a red LED, this is an indicator that your batteries need to be replaced.

I cannot get a connection with the SmartRow?

Be sure the Bluetooth of your mobile device is active.

Do you see blue LED’s blinking when you turn the SmartRow pulley around?

  • Yes, please go to Settings > Bluetooth SmartRow and connect your SmartRow.
  • No, please check the batteries and/or the battery connection.

I have a connection, but it does not seem to work?

Are you connected to the right SmartRow?

  • If you initiate a connection the blinking blue LED’s should turn off within two seconds. If the LED’s of your SmartRow keep blinking, you are probably connected to a different SmartRow. Here, the two digit ID-number of the SmartRow will come in handy.

Is the SmartRow mounted the right way?

  • If you are seated on your WaterRower the SmartRow battery-cable must be at the left side. If not, it is mounted incorrectly. This should be fixed first.