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Hyperwear FAQ


How do I determine the correct weight vest size?

To determine the best weight vest size for your height and weight please view our Sizing Chart. The weight vest should fit snugly and hug your core. Side laces allow you to adjust the vest to best fit your torso, which removes some of the load from your shoulders making the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest the most comfortable weighted vest on the market.

What is the maximum weight each Hyper Vest PRO size can hold?

The number of pockets in the weight vest determines the amount of weight each size can hold. The larger the weight vest size, the more pockets and therefore the more weight it can hold. Here are the maximums for each size:

Small: 21.4 lbs
Medium: 23.6 lbs
Large: 33.2 lbs
XLarge: 42.3 lbs
XXLarge: 60 lbs

How much weight should I use in a weighted vest?

This all depends on what type of activities you are performing. The Hyper Vest PRO comes pre-loaded with 10lbs of zinc-coated steel weight bars. We recommend starting with this amount or less, until you become familiar and comfortable with using a weight vest. You can then adjust the amount of weight to suit your goals and type of activity. General guidelines recommend between 5-15% of your bodyweight. For strength training exercises, such as pull ups, dips and push ups you can use closer to the higher end of the range. While for cardiovascular-type activities like running and plyometric-type exercise like jumping and bounding we recommend sticking to the lower end of the range.

Can I get more weight for my weight vest?

Yes, extra weight Booster Packs are available here. Each 5lb box contains 35 individual zinc-coated steel weight bars (2.25oz each) allowing you to increase in small increments

Is it easy to load and unload weights from my Hyper Vest PRO weight vest?

Yes, adding and removing weight to and from the Hyper Vest PRO is very quick and simple. Individual weight bars can be removed by pulling back the black webbing on top of the pocket then pushing the weight up from the bottom. To insert, simply slide the weight bar into the pocket and ensure the black webbing is closed over the top. Each pocket can hold up to two weight bars. Check out this video of the process.

Is the Hyper Vest PRO adjustable?

Yes, the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest features flexible side lacing for a highly-adjustable fit. The lacing can be cut to your desired length and tied at each end in a small knot. It is also one of the only weighted vests that zips on and off (most other weight vests use Velcro straps or belts). The zipper also you to quickly put on and take off the Hyper Vest PRO, as well as unzip it partially to allow for increased air flow.

Will the weights bounce up and down in my weight vest when I run or jump?

No, our weighted vests feature a patented design that limits vertical movement eliminating any bounce. The design also provides for flexion in the horizontal plane, allowing for full chest expansion while breathing, keeping the weights in place even during vigorous, multi-plane movements.

How should I clean my Hyper Vest PRO weight vest?

The Hyper Vest PRO weight vest is made from a breathable, odor-resistant fabric so you do not need to wash it every time you use it. After use just hang in on a sturdy hanger to air out. You can also spray it with a little Febreeze from time to time.

For more extensive cleaning we recommend hand washing in a sink with a mild soap or detergent, rinsing, then wringing the excess water out in a towel, and hanging the weight vest to dry. You do not need to remove the weights for this. You can also wash the vest in the washing machine using a delicate cycle, then, hang dry. Be sure to remove all the weights before putting weight vest in washing machine.

Is the Hyper Vest PRO durable?

Yes, the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest is constructed of a very tough fabric called Tyvex that is patented by DuPont and is extremely durable. To reduce wear and tear on your weight vest DO NOT DROP or let the vest strike or rub on hard or abrasive surfaces. This type of damage is not covered under our limited warranty.

Can I wear my Hyper Vest PRO weight vest under a shirt or blouse?

Yes, the Hyper Vest PRO’s slim profile allows for exceptional wear-ability and comfortable. The ¼ inch thick high-density steel weights make this weight vest barely detectable under a shirt. It also features a scoop neck cut that will help hide your weight vest under clothes.