March 10, 2021 2 min read

For those chasing after that perfect physique, it’s all too common for folks to focus solely on building up their arms or chest to realize that their shoulders are just as crucial for obtaining the prized “V-shape.” While it may be more difficult to build up your shoulders while the quarantine drags on, there are still ways to reach your goal. Let us teach you some of the top exercises for building bigger shoulders at home.

Seated Dumbbell Press

These top exercises for building bigger shoulders at home will center around the use of dumbbells. This is because space within the home may be a bit too limited to include equipment such as barbells or machinery like functional trainers. A rubber hex dumbbell set, however, is much more compact and easier to store.

The first exercise we’ll review is the seated dumbbell press—this exercise is simple and may be familiar. By sitting down, you’ll isolate the shoulder motion as you lift your dumbbells. This position allows for a very full range of motion as you lift dumbbells.

Arnold Press

Named after the Terminator himself, you’ll sit down with your dumbbells held out in front of you with your palms facing upward as if you just finished a bicep curl. Push the dumbbells up over your head while rotating your palms to face away from you, pause, and then repeat the motion in reverse. That rotating motion is key as it hits more muscles than the standard press.

Military Press

Honor our troops. Position your feet close together and lift the dumbbells up to your shoulders and your palms facing away from you. Next, press the dumbbells over your head with explosive movement until your arms are fully stretched above your head, then lower them again with controlled movements.

See-Saw Press

Hold two dumbbells behind your shoulder with your palms facing forwards. You’ll then tilt your body to the left and raise your right arm straight above you. Lower your arm back to its position behind your shoulder and repeat the movement by leaning to the right and extending your left arm, thus achieving the “see-saw” effect.

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