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There are things in life you can control and some you can’t. And while you may not have full control when it comes to your health, you can actively make decisions to ensure you’re taking the best care of yourself. There’s no denying that dieting is incredibly tough, especially when you have to put limitations onto your lifestyle. Even so, the benefits of adopting a healthy diet are endless and can become a routine when you go into it with that mindset. To put yourself in the best possible position, here are the most common dieting mistakes people make.

  1. Not Weighing Yourself

While you don’t want to become obsessed with the scale, it’s still important to keep track of your progress throughout your journey. There are many scales available that you can sync with your smartphone and record everything from your weight to your body fat percentage. When you are weighing yourself, try to do it once at the same time every day. Also, don’t become discouraged if you fluctuate in weight from time to time. Weighing yourself should act as a reminder and encourage you to reach the goals you are trying to accomplish.

  1. Skipping Meals

Another one of the most common dieting mistakes people make is skipping meals. While the number of meals can vary for each person, the point is to be as consistent as possible with when and how much you eat. When you skip a meal, there is a chance that you’ll end up consuming more calories than you are supposed to and potentially set yourself back.

  1. Winging It

Healthy eating tends to be harder than the actual exercise because we become so used to all the bad and addicting food designed to taste good. Your best plan of attack is to plan and cook as many meals as you can ahead of time. There are going to be days when you don’t feel like cooking; however, when you have your healthy meal ready to go, you won’t feel tempted to just pick up some fast food. Get food containers and cook multiple meals at a time to stay on track.

  1. Not Indulging

Going on a diet doesn’t have to mean giving up all your favorite foods and desserts. Instead, it’s about getting in the mindset that you just can’t eat bad foods such as pizza, burgers, and cookies all the time. When your diet is 80-90% good foods, that leaves you a little wiggle room for something a bit more indulgent. Once again, planning is your best tool, so plan for one to two cheat meals a week. An indulgent meal such as pizza or tacos once a week won’t harm you because you are getting all your nutrients throughout the rest of the week. All you need to do is get your body used to the diet adjustment for a few weeks before you incorporate a cheat meal. A cheat meal is a perfect thing to keep you going because you aren’t cutting out some delicious foods completely—just having it in healthy moderation.

  1. Cutting Out Carbs

There are a lot of different fad diets out there, some of which make you cut out carbohydrates completely. The thing is, your body needs carbohydrates for energy. However, people often associate carbs with bad ones such as pasta and white bread. Instead, incorporate good carbs into your diet such as brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes. While you might lose more weight faster by cutting out carbs, it might not be a sustainable lifestyle to commit to long term.

  1. Not Eating Enough Protein

A major obstacle people face when they are on a diet is dealing with hunger. Suffering from hunger throughout the day can cause you to make some bad eating decisions. Perhaps the best way to combat hunger is to consume more protein. Not only will protein make you feel full, but it can also boost your metabolism and help you build muscle. Protein should also be a part of your meals, but also have it as a snack as well with protein bars and shakes.

  1. Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Another food source people aren’t getting enough of is vegetables. While vegetables might not be the most tasteful foods, they are full of essential nutrients you need to consume to see progress. You can make vegetables taste better by experimenting with spices—just make sure you are including it into your meals.

  1. Not Working Out

While diet is the most important component of losing or gaining weight, it’s not the only thing you should be doing. You also want to burn some calories and put all those good nutrients to use by working out regularly. Not living an active lifestyle is another huge part of achieving the body you desire. Consider investing in some at-home exercise equipment for ultimate convenience. Precor Home Fitness carries an array of fitness equipment at our San Francisco location and our online store so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your home.

  1. Just Doing Cardio or Not Doing It at All

Many people think that the best way to burn calories is to do a ton of cardio exercises and don’t weight train at all. As it turns out, weightlifting is just as effective, and it’s important to have a balance as you adopt an active lifestyle. There is also a misconception that doing cardio will make you lose muscle. In fact, cardio can actually increase your muscle growth. The point is to do both cardio and weightlifting each week to get in good shape.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water

Something else you need to drink a lot more of is water. Cut out all the unhealthy beverages such as soda or alcohol—you shouldn’t even consume diet sodas. Replace it all with water so your body can stay hydrated. Water will also flush out all the bad toxins that are in your body as well. To make your water more tasteful, add lemons.

  1. Avoid Eating with Others

The most important trait you can obtain from dieting is discipline. From working out regularly to eating healthy food, this is a trait you are going to want to develop. One of the best ways to practice discipline is to not be afraid to eat with others. There are definitely going to be people who eat unhealthy foods around you, and it’s important to build that self-will over time. If you’re unable to feel comfortable with people eating indulgent foods around you, then you may find it harder to follow your healthy lifestyle.

The Most Common Dieting Mistakes People Make

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