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March 15, 2021 2 min read

Too often, we think of rest days thought as “cheating” or fear that allowing ourselves a day to take it easy will kill our motivation. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of taking rest days. These precious days off are when you’ll see all your hard work pay off. Let’s explore how.

Prevent Injuries and Recover

After putting your muscles through their paces, a rest day is an opportunity for them to repair and build up their mass. Working out is when you challenge your muscles to their limits and, thus, intentionally damage them, so if they don’t get the chance to repair themselves, you increase your risks of injuries and muscle failure from fatigue in the middle of an intense exercise.

Improve Your Performance

Exercising every single day is a far less effective way to work out because you never give yourself a chance to recuperate. Similar to avoiding injuries, by not allowing your body to rest, you’ll be constantly exhausted, which will make exercise far more difficult to complete. Your performance will suffer, you’ll become sloppy, and you may even drive yourself to quit because you always feel so awful and fatigued. The importance of taking rest days is evident by how much better those who do take them perform during their routine and, consequently, how much better their results are over those who do not.

How To Spend the Rest Day

However, when you take your rest day, don’t use it as an excuse to gorge yourself—though you’re certainly allowed to indulge. The said, remember that you’re not as active during rest days and so should endeavor to consume fewer calories on those days. If you find yourself antsy during your day off, you don’t have to force yourself to stay on the couch. If you need to get up and get moving, light, low-impact exercises are perfectly acceptable. These might include walking or easy jogging on a spirit fitness treadmill or enjoying the meditative practice of yoga.

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