October 28, 2020 2 min read

A home gym should incorporate machines that will allow you to strengthen every part of the body, not just your upper body. Since a home gym allows you to pick and choose the equipment you want to fill your space with, you should consider all your options by looking into equipment you might be unfamiliar with, such as a lateral trainer. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of having a lateral trainer in your home gym.

Excellent Lower Body Workout

The lower body tends to be neglected in the gym, but this is the area you cannot ignore. Adding a lateral trainer to your home gym will give you the opportunity to work your glutes and thighs with the side-to-side movements the machine puts you through.

Burn More Calories

Oftentimes, we overestimate how many calories we burn during a workout, but you don’t have to second-guess yourself when you use a lateral trainer. With a lateral trainer, you use multiple muscle groups at the same time, and as a result, you can burn more calories.

Short Workouts

Not everyone has time in their day to fit in a two-hour workout. A lateral trainer can not only help you burn lots of calories but do so in a short amount of time. Working out on a lateral trainer for 30 minutes can be more than enough to break a sweat and reap the benefits of the machine.

Strengthens Your Knees

If you are someone who suffers from knee problems or arthritis, it can be hard to overcome your fear of injuring yourself while exercising. A lateral trainer’s side-to-side motion is perfect for those who have weak knees because it works the gluteus medius muscle that supports the knees.

Easy To Place in Your Home

You might also be working with limited space in your home gym, so you might not be able to add as much equipment as you might have hoped. Another one of the benefits of having a lateral trainer is that it can be easy to find a place for it in your home since they have a small footprint and don’t need to be plugged into a wall.

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