December 19, 2018 2 min read

It's just around the corner. People all over the place are going to be hashing together resolutions that they hope to take into the new year, finally taking charge over the parts of their lives they want to improve. Intentions are great, but everybody knows that starting and sticking with new habits is inherently difficult.

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is physical fitness. It also happens to be one of the most swiftly abandoned New Year's resolutions. Why? It's difficult. There's no avoiding the fact that strenuous physical exercise isn't easy, so we're prone to give up on it without much resistance. That said, improving heart health calls for at least 30 minutes of exercise five days per week and that's something we should certainly strive for. How can we make fitness resolutions a little easier to stick with?

Don't Limit Yourself To Gym Equipment

Some people lift weights and are fine with interacting purely with gym equipment. Others can't stand the thought of that. This is what so many classes are for. Learn a skill while getting your exercise. Boxing, rock climbing, tennis, pick something and learn it. Learning a skill that's also physically taxing gets you two things for the price of one. Go learn something and break a sweat while doing so.

Home Fitness

Some don't like going to packed gyms and standing in lines for fitness equipment being used by hundreds of other people. That's totally fine. Opting for home fitness makes your workouts more private, but it comes with a certain amount of required self-motivation. Know yourself and your capabilities before investing in home fitness equipment.

Make An Investment

Sometimes you need to force your own hand. One thing people can't stand is wasting their own money. Investing in trainers, classes, or something that your own money is going into can be all it takes for you to get your rear in gear. Most would much rather break a sweat than sit idly knowing they're wasting their own hard earned money.

Between all these ways to make the commitment to exercise more this New Year is your desire to better yourself. It's not easy to break out of a comfort zone. We know one thing for certain, creating an exercise habit is worth the strain it takes to get there and you won't regret it. Start by these tips, then find things that speak solely to you. The possibilities are endless.

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